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#ifndef _FM_PLUGIN_H_
#define _FM_PLUGIN_H_
class QLineEdit;
class QAction;
class TreeView;
#include <QtCore>
#include <QtCore/QObject>
#include <QtCore/QStack>
#include <QtGui/QDirModel>
#include <QFileSystemWatcher>
#include <JuffPlugin.h>
class FMPlugin : public QObject, public JuffPlugin {
virtual ~FMPlugin();
// info
virtual QString name() const;
virtual QString description() const;
virtual QString targetEngine() const;
// controls
virtual QWidgetList dockList() const;
virtual bool dockVisible(QWidget*) const;
virtual void applySettings();
QWidget * settingsPage() const;
virtual void onDocSaved(const QString&);
protected slots:
void itemDoubleClicked(const QModelIndex&);
void home();
void up();
void back();
void curFileDir();
void favorites();
void newDir();
void addToFavorites();
void goToFavorite();
void manageFavorites();
void textEntered();
void treeCheckBox_toggled(bool value);
void onDirChanged(const QString&);
void cd(const QString&, bool addToHistory = true);
void initFavoritesMenu();
bool showAsTree;
QWidget* w_;
TreeView* tree_;
QDirModel model_;
QLineEdit* pathEd_;
QAction* backBtn_;
QStack<QString> history_;
QStringList favorites_;
QMenu* favoritesMenu_;
QAction* addToFavoritesAct_;
QAction* manageFavoritesAct_;
QFileSystemWatcher fsWatcher_;
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