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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE JuffScheme>
<scheme name="JavaScript">
<style name="comment" color="#999999" bold="false" italic="true" />
<style name="commentdoc" color="#999999" />
<style name="commentdockeyword" color="#000060" bgColor="#f0f0f6" />
<style name="number" color="#0000ff" bold="false" italic="true" />
<style name="keyword" color="#000099" bold="true" italic="true" />
<style name="singleString" color="#cc0000" bold="false" italic="true" />
<style name="doubleString" color="#cc0000" bold="false" italic="true" />
<style name="identifier" color="#806080" bold="false" italic="false" />
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