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2010-08-10 :
* Fixed: loosing selection when unindenting text
2010-08-08 :
* Added: missing files to 'debian' dir
* Fixed: 'control' file
2010-07-10 :
* Added: Tab insertion menu item (needed sometimes when option 'Replace tabs with spaces' is used
* Moved 'Rename file' menu item close to 'Save as'
2010-06-07 :
* Fixed: a bug with 'Replace all'
* Swapped 'find next'/'find prev' and 'replace next'/'replace prev' buttons
* Fixed: tab-order of search popup controls
2010-06-06 :
* Performance improvements:
* fixed several duplicated notifications
* significantly improved search performance
2010-06-04 :
* Added: context menu to markers' margin
2010-06-03 :
* Added: markers menu
2010-06-02 :
* Improvements to the dialog for saving multiple files when closing the program
* Added: a menu item 'Close all' to the tabbar menu
* Added: text replacing to the new popup search dialog
* Added: line markers
2010-06-01 :
* Changed find dialog from modal to popup at the bottom
* Added: 'search as you type'
* Added: highlighting all the occurences
* Hopefully fixed focusing problem
2010-05-27 :
* Added: manual displaying of auto-completion box
* Made popup message window animated
2010-05-26 :
* Fixed: opening recent files
* Replaced some modal popups with modeless transparent ones
2010-05-25 :
* Added: removing the line to the beginning and to the end
* Added: selecting lines by dragging mouse through line numbers
* Fixed: a problem with many undo steps when pressing Enter
* Added: jumping over word parts with Ctrl (Eclipse-style)
* Added: 'Fold/Unfold all' action
2010-05-24 :
* Added: EOL handling
2010-05-19 :
* Fixed: problem with focus when calling plugin API functions gotoLine/setCursorPos
* Added: notifying plugins when settings were applied
2010-04-27 :
* Adding: menu items by plugins
* Fixed: closing tabs with close buttons
2010-04-23 :
* Added: close buttons on tabs
2010-04-22 :
* Added: settings for toolbar style, icons size and for tabbar position
2010-04-21 :
* Added: 'Add to project' and 'Remove from project' actions to tab menu
2010-04-19 :
* Removed project tree (moved to a plugin)
* Fixed: getting the last dir when saving a file
* Restored nearly all functionality existed in version 0.8.1. Known regresions:
* can't select line ending (Win/Mac/Unix)
* missing markers
* can't change split orientation
* small bugs here and there :)
* Merged redesigned version from experimental branch. New features:
* two panels
* moving blocks up and down
* switch between documents with Ctrl+Tab
* full screen mode
* current word highlighting
* quick document selection
* Applied patchset from David Stegbauer:
* Removed unneeded debug outputs
* Pascal Lexer Correction
* Updated juffed.desktop translations
* QString::arg: Argument missing: Found sceme
* QObject::connect: Cannot connect (null)::hasChangedItems(bool)
* Added: Czech localization (thanks to Pavel Fric)
* Fixed: the bug that caused incomplete localizations
* Fixed: startup notification in taskbar
* Updated .desktop file
0.8 beta 1
* Added: CSS configuring
* Added: warning when changing charset on modified file
* Updated localizations
* Fixed: make_tarball script for proper handling non-dev releases
* Added: API file for HTML
* Fixed: problems with getting active edit
* Fixed: bug with not responding on commands if the splitted view
is activated (removed 2nd tabwidget completely for this release)
* Removed: confirmation dialog when reaching the end of text while searching text
* Fixed: introduced bug with modification status on tabs
* Localizations updated
* Added rpath in case JuffEd was built and installed with a non-standard prefix
* Merged from trunk: fix for '_empty_session_' in 'Save session as' dialog
* Merged from trunk: fix for more 'printer-friendly' printing when using
a theme with dark background
* Merged from trunk: added settings page for printing options
* Localization updated (German)
* Fixed: activating window when passing a file to existing instance (on Windows)
* Final fix for title bar
* Fixed: '_empty_session_' in title (now for real :))
* Updated localizations (Russian and French are full now)
* Fixed: updating background color and text color without restart
* Added: selectionTextColor() method to TextDocSettings
* Splitted branch 0.8
* Removed default keys Ctrl+D, Ctrl+L, etc.
* Fixed: getting svn revision (now using CMake)
* Added: list of existing sessions to session menu for quick opening
* Removed platform-dependent code for single instance (not tested on Windows yet)
* Added raising window on Windows when received a file in a single instance
* Fixed: '_empty_session_' in title when modified a doc
Preview-version 0.7.669
* Localizations updated
* Added: intelligent inverting selected text color
* Added 'Go to line' dialog calling when clicking on
'Cursor position' or 'Lines count' status labels
* Fixed: minimum width for cursor position status label
* Fixed: configuring shortcuts for SciDoc actions
* Added: 'Duplicate line', 'Delete current line', 'TO UPPER CASE',
'to lower case' and 'Move line up' actions to main menu
* Added: setting the word under cursor as a search string to FindDlg
* Fixed: keyboard navigation through find combobox in FindDlg
* Refactored LexerStorage class
* Added: Fortran syntax highlighting
* Added: keyboard accelerators for controls in FindDialog
* Fixed: missed 'Open session' dialog if there was no sessions
* Fixed: closing the current session before displaying the
'Open session' dialog
* Added: proper 'debian' dir for packaging
* Updated localizations
* Removed plugin example
* Added: build depends to 'control' file
* Added: getting and setting charset through Plugins API
* Fixed: manual charset selection (previously it was always
through 'enca' if it was available)
* Fixed: applying keybindings without restarting
* Added: minimum size to SettingsDlg
Preview-version 0.7.606
* Some internal changes in Settings (SettingsSelectItem)
* Fixed troubles with versioning on Windows
* Added: shortcuts configuration (for now in config only, no GUI)
* Fixed: storing settings instantly after pressing 'Apply'
* Resolved a possible performance issue
* Fixed: bug in default values for some settings
* Added script for making tarballs easily and correctly
Preview-version 0.7.591
* Added getting a main widget pointer to a plugins interface
* Localizations updated
* Fixed: building issue in SettingsDlg (wrong include path)
* Fixed: building issue with new QScintilla (they removed
CommentDoc style in Pascal lexer)
* Added: removing a session in Session Dialog
* Fixed: problem with 'lost' main toolbar when call
'New session' or 'Open session'
* Fixed: bug with printing Noname files
* Fixed bug with not updated title when closing last document
(using close button on tab or tab bar)
* Added: charset auto-detection for Windows
* Hopefully fixed bug with toolbar visibility storing
* Fixed: main menus from plugins (for 'all' engines)
* Fixed: bug with restoring session with non-latin file names
(on Windows)
* Fixed: bug with old charset selected (in menu) after the
file was saved with a different charset
* Added a warning message if a document doesn't exist
* Fixed: drag'n'drop when no documents are opened
* Swapped 'View' and 'Format' menus (now 'Format' goes
after 'View')
* Changed: main window title order (file name first, 'JuffEd' last)
* Added: context menu to file name in status bar (copy to clipboard)
* Added: changing the selection background color
Preview-version 0.7.556
* Fixed: bug with old tab tooltip after 'Save as'
* Fixed: crash on opening a recent file
* Fixed: single instance for multiple users (thanks to David Stegbauer)
* Fixed: symbols '\n', '\t'and '\r' in replacing string
* Fixed: getting text from FindDlg
* Added: search for multiline regexps
* Added: tooltip for multi-line checkbox (in FindDlg)
* Added: storing string settings from plugins
* Fixed: ugly empty status labels if no documents opened
* Added: toggling marker by clicking on line number
* Fixed: bug with text completer in find dialog when start
searching with selected text
* Added: option 'Close app after the last doc was closed'
* Added: context menu for tabbar (beside the tabs)
* Added: activating the app's window when opening a file remotely
* Fixed: bug with pop-up about log file on Windows at the 1st run
* Added: truncating the log file when the application starts
* Added: document lines count in statusbar
* Fixed: bug with too frequent updates of line numbers (was connected
to signal textChanged() instead of linesChanged())
* Fixed: overlapping tabbar's menu over tab's menu
* Added: 'Close all' to tab's context menu
* Added: 'Save all' to tab's context menu and main menu
* Added: block/line commenting for Java, C#, CSS, JavaScript, PHP
Preview-version 0.7.528
* Fixed: opening a directory
* Added: close button on each tab (for Qt >= 4.5)
* Added: moving tabs (for Qt >= 4.5)
* Added: storing the Find Dialog size
* Added: changing split orientation
* Added: customization for indents color and matching brace color
* Fixed: cursor color now has the same color as text
* Added: optional stripping trailing spaces when saving a file
* Fixed: bug with wrong line ending guessing
* Added: commenting a line (or several lines) by a hotkey (for some languages)
* Added: commenting a block by a hotkey (for some languages)
* Added: Pascal lexer (if supported)
* Added: TeX syntax highlighting
* Fixed: background color for default syntax highlighting
* Added: TCL lexer (if supported)
* Fixed: default colors for lexers that doesn't have scheme customization file
* Added: setting a currently selected text as a 'find/replace what' string
* Fixed: configuring in non-English locales
* Fixed: updating background color and default font color when changing a syntax scheme
* Fixed: custom colors for background and current line
* Added: basic charset auto-detection (for Unix)
* Fixed: configuring development versions on systems with non-English locales
* Added: changing default font and background colors
* Fixed: bug with freezing when replacing an empty string
* Added: zoom in/zoom out with ctrl+mouse wheel
* Added: page for file types configuration to 'Settings' dialog
* Hopefully fixed bug with lost focus after closing a document
* Added: Doxygen comments to JavaScript lexer
* Added: selection of a charset in 'Save' dialog
* Added: link to home page to 'About' dialog
* Added: 'Whole words only' to find options
* Added: 'Case sensitive' option for auto-completion
* Fixed: bug with comments in JavaScript highlighting
* Added: closing file by double-clicking on tab
* Fixed: updating charset name in statusbar
* Added: opening a new doc by double-clicking on tabbar's empty space
* Added: close button to the corner of tabbar
* Added: 'Close' action to tab's context menu
* Added: actions 'Match brace' and 'Select to matching brace'
* Added: plugins settings and enabling/disabling them in 'Settings' dialog
* Added: block text entering
* Added: basic macros support
* Added: combo-boxes instead of line edits to 'Find/Replace' dialog
Version 0.6.0
* Added: HTML highlighting to PHP scheme
* Added: company "SoftIcon" to 'About' dialog
* Fixed: troubles with log file on Windows
* Fixed: hidden main toolbar when starting without a config file
* Fixed: empty session at the first run
* Fixed: shortcut for 'Save as' action
* Fixed: updating syntax name in statusbar
* Fixed: updating cursor position in statusbar when typing in upper edit area
* German localization updated
0.5 beta 2
* Changelog updated
* Changed version to 0.5-beta2
* Fixed: moving the cursor to the end of inserted text (when using
insertText() method) if the text was a single line
* Added: toolbars list to 'Tools" menu
* Added: icons of sizes 16 and 24 to the default icon theme
* Fixed: bug with not working actions when there is one document opened/last
document closed (on Qt version 4.3 and earlier)
* Fixed: bug with opening a session (on Windows)
* Fixed: building issue on Windows (linking problem)
* Fixed: (hopefully) bug with lost focus in new documents
* Added: folding for C++ multi-line comments
* Removed: Undo/Redo actions from context menu
* Added: notification about document saving to plugins API
* Fixed: made replaceSelectedText() function atomic for Undo/Redo actions
* Fixed: installing headers when installing the program
* Added: adding actions to main menu sub-menus by plugins
* Fixed: trying to read a file with empty name when creating a new doc
* Added: replacing the not modified empty doc with opened one
if it was the only one before opening
* Fixed: hiding autocompletion list when switching the document
* Added: icons to external modification dialog buttons
* Fixed: compilation issues on Windows
* Added: dev files installation (for plugin developers)
* Added: list of dock windows
* Added: remembering of dock visibility when switching documents
of different types
0.5 beta 1
* Fixed: updating line numbers bar to appropriate width
* Fixed: loading autocompletion APIs from files
* Added: storing the invisible symbols visibility to config
* Added: request for particular line of text to ManagerInterface (plugins API)
* Added: getCurrentDocText() function to ManagerInterface (plugins API)
* Added: notifying plugins about context menu event
* Updated plugin example
* Changed the program description
* Changed icon
* Added: hidden symbols visibility
* Added: autocompletion
* Fixed: highlighting for doxygen single line comment (C++)
* Added: tooltip for tabs with full file names
* Fixed: bug with checking for external changes for NullDoc
* Reorganized main menu
* Fixed: bug with wrong view focus when doing undo/redo/cut/copy/paste
* Fixed: file name in status bar didn't change after 'Save as'
* Added: clickable status bar (charset, syntax, EOL)
* Added: context menu to plugins API
* Added: guessing file's syntax by its 1st line.
* Added: customizing the main toolbar in config file.
* Added: EOL auto-detection and changing by the user.
* Fixed: restoring toolbars and docks positions after restart.
* Added: basic code for Rich text engine.
* Added: using of SVG icons.
* Added: scrolling docs with mouse wheel over the tab bar.
* Added: unindention of current line if selection is empty (Sci engine).
* Added: CMake syntax highlighting.
* Removed "Print selected lines" menu item. Now it prints selected
lines if there is a selection or prints the whole text if there isn't.
Initial commit:
* Added: different text engines.
* Added: splittable document view for Scintilla text engine.
* Added: using installed system icon themes.
* Moved to CMake building system.
Version 0.4.1
* Added: 'Replace' action to main menu
* Added: storing the 'replace to' text
2008-10-15 15:13:37 -0400 (Срд, 15 Окт 2008) | 1 line
* Moved sessions actions from 'File' menu to submenu
* Added: selection of EOL mode (Win/Unix/Mac)
=== Branch 0.4 splitted ===
* Added: action "Normal size" for text zoom
* Fixed: now we have current file's directory at 'Save as' dialog
* Fixed: bug with repeated replacements if replacing text
contains the replaceable one as a substring
* Added: zoom in and zoom out (increase and decrease font)
* Added: settings page for autocompletion
* Fixed: restoring cursor position after reloading
* Added: copying of installed API files to user's dir (if
they don't exist yet)
* Added: processing of read-only files
* Improved: serach using regexps
* Added: more file types to 'Open' dialog
* Added: autocompletion from API list (dictionary)
* Added: plugins settings
* Added: printing of selected lines
* Added: highlighting for Batch files
* Added: context menu for document tab
* Added: printing
* Added: basic plugins support
* Added: basic autocomplete
* Fixed: bug with unindention of the line below the selected ones
* Splitted 0.3 branch and started 0.4-dev
Version 0.3-beta2
* Fixed: bug with session restoring on Windows (forgot
about ':' in file path :))
* Added: syncronizing 'Open' dialog with current doc's dir
* Added: custom color for markers
* Added: custom color for current line highlighting
* Added: unindention of selected text with Shift+Tab
* Added: --lrelease option to configure script
* Updated desktop-file
* Updated localizations
Version 0.3-beta1
* Added support for diff-files;
* Hopefully fixed bug with opening the current dir (appered
* Added French, Portuguese localizations
* Added: packaging script for Debian-based distros
* Added: Java custom highlighting scheme
* Added: doc comments to C++ scheme
* Added: 'Replace tabs with spaces' option
* Improved settings dialog
* Fixed: bug with small window when the app was closed
maximized several times in a row;
* Added: configure script
* Added: saving of last session even if no name was given to it
* Added: restoring scrollbar and cursor position when
restoring session
* Fixed: bug with relative paths in filename (at statusbar)
* Fixed: copying highlighting schemes to home dir. Now checks
if every single file exists.
* Fixed: if the app was closed maximized, it doesn't restore
normal size when started again;
* Fixed: crash when tried to change 'Show line numbers' or
'Adjust by width' without any opened documents;
* Added: options 'Show indents' and 'Highlight current line'
to Settings dialog;
Version 0.3-dev
* using QScintilla instead of QTextEdit;
* manual syntax highlighting selection;
* custom highlights for C++, Makefile, Python, HTML, XML, Bash, Perl, Ruby, JavaScript;
* updating markers menu;
* icon themes now at user home dir
* one built-in icon theme
Exported from 0.2.1
* Fixed: (Windows) sometimes wrong tab name appeared after 'Save as'
action (relative or absolute file path instead of file name)
* Fixed: multiple asking 'what to do?' when file was modified by
external program
* Fixed: menu item 'Recent files' has an old icon when icon theme changed
Version 0.2-release
* Added: move to the next/previous marker;
* Fixed: opening in existing instance using relative file
names in console;
* Fixed: regression in beta3 with multi-line blocks highlighting;
Version 0.2-beta3
* Changed: opening new file now replaces empty unchanged document, if it
is the only one which is opened at that momend;
* Fixed: crash when exiting (appeared with some versions of Qt);
* Fixed: "open in existing instance" now isn't visible on Windows (since
this functionality is unavailable);
* Misc: filled up translations;
Version 0.2-beta2
* Added: Close button to About dialog;
* Fixed: can't be compiled on Windows (closing of IPC
socket isn't isolated);
* Fixed: window title doesn't change properly after "Save
session as" action;
Version 0.2-beta1
* Added: option "Save as a copy" to "Save as" dialog;
* Added: notification of changing file by external program;
* Added: using existing instance of application for opening files;
* Added: French and Spanish localizations;
* Added: license to "About" dialog;
* Changed: Settings dialog was reorganized a bit;
Version 0.2-dev-20080311
* Changed: Some improvements in Makefile;
* Fixed: regression with opening files;
* Fixed: regression with closing tab with any button;
Version 0.2-dev-20080310
* Added: line markers;
* Added: opening of multiple files with "Open file" dialog and
command line;
* Added: line length indicator;
* Added: auto-saving option;
* Added: German localization (thanks to Michael Gangolf);
* Changed: new "About" dialog;
* Fixed: "Continue from the beginning?" dialog also works for
"Replace" action when reaches the end of the file;
* Misc: code design improvements;
Version 0.2-dev-20080116
* Added: options "Show line numbers" and "Adjust by width" for each
document separately;
* Added: session name and file name in window title;
* Added: toolbar icons size changing;
* Added: closing documents with middle-click on the corresponding tab;
* Added: "Recent files" menu;
* Added: optional making a backup copy of file when saving;
* Added: file reload action;
* Changed: improved response when search reaches the end or the
beginning of the document;
* Fixed: "Save as" dialog now contains the original file name;
Version 0.1.2-beta4
* fixed the bug with lost focus after close confirming dialog (if
Compiz is used);
* fixed the bug when "Noname" document could get wrong tab title after
applying settings;
Version 0.1.2-beta3
* improved highlighting shemes syntax;
* added highlighting schemes for HTML, XML, PHP, Python,
Makefiles, ini-files, patch-files;
* fixed the bug when highlighting scheme didn't work properly if
there was no whole-line-comment-rule in scheme (or it was empty);
* fixed the bug with lost focus after "Go to line number" action (if
Compiz is used);
* added an opportunity to configure startup behavior (show session
dialog, load last saved session or start new session);
* added session auto-saving option;
Version 0.1.2-beta2
* unnecessary indent insertion
* Makefile install/uninstall instructions (finally!! :)
* language detection
* directory structure
Version 0.1.2-beta1
* opening files from command line (with non-latin symbols in path);
Version 0.1.2-20070811
* lost focus after "Save as";
* bug with "replace all" permanent switching on after using it once;
* find/replace using regexps;
* storing the cursor position after switching the charset;
* sessions support;
* simple auto-indent;
* different toolbar styles (icons only, text under icons, etc.)
* Polish localization (thanks to Jarek)
* multithread opening is temporary switched off;
Version 0.1.2-20070709
* search and replace using regular expressions;
* processing (highlighting) multiline blocks;
* storing of last save dir;
* row and column number 0 in cursor position indicator;
* now it opens files in separate threads;
Version 0.1.2-20070625
* open file(s) with drag'n'drop;
* text replacement;
* localization (only Russian for the present, you're welcome with
your own translations);
* rich text insertion with copy/paste;
* corresponding charset menu item now checks depending on file
charset when file switches;
* context menu is the same as "Edit" menu in main menu bar;
* some fixes for Windows: errors of compilation, wrong drag'n'drop;
Version 0.1.1 (12-06-2007)
* window title and status bar didn't change after "Save as";
* doesn't use Windows registry, uses config file at user directory