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ME3Tweaks Mod Manager 4.4

Mod Manager 4.4 is a large feature release that includes a large set of new features for advanced mod deployment, gathering logging information from clients and getting them to developers, as well as general UI improvements in Mod Manager.

New Features

  • ModDesc 4.4 - Automatically add additional custom dlc (like patch dlcs) to a mod. Remove obsolete dlcs on mod install.
  • Create mods directly from MixIns - go to the MixIn library, pick mixins, and choose the 'create new mod' option in the mod selector to create a brand new mod with those mixins.
  • Advanced Diagnostics for mod developers - gather data about your users to help troubleshoot. Include things such as the mod manager log (general system info and operations), installed dlc (including names from the id service), conflicting dlc files, create a ME3 directory file tree, dlc bypass status (binkw32/launcherwv) and Me3Logger crash info. User checks the boxes, clicks uplaod to pastebin, and in a few seconds they will have a URL ready to share with a mod developer with plenty of diagnostic information to start with.
  • ASI mods will now notify you of updates when the standard update check is run.

Feature Updates/Changes

  • The ME3Tweaks mod identification service, powered by users importing mods, now works across the UI via a local DB downloaded from ME3Tweaks. It will identify installed mods such as DLC_CON_BackOff being the Backoff mod, and make it easier to see the game status in various menus and logs.
  • Run AutoTOC after mod install is now turned on by default. The settings value has changed so it will effectively unset any previous value you had set, this is to convert the old default of false to true.
  • Game repair database is no longer required on mod installs if the mod jobs only add files, only have custom dlc tasks, or modify only testpatch (or a mix of any of the above). You won't be asked to create the DB if you are installing a mod such as this, and it will speed up mod installs
  • Auto update mods has been changed to auto update content as various pieces of content are downloaded from me3tweaks to support mod manager installations (such as tools and manifests)
  • 'Manage ASI Code Injection mods' has been renamed to ASI Mod Manager
  • 'Copy log to clipboard' has been renamed to Generate Mod Manager Log
  • binkw32 STANDARD bypass is now the default dlc bypass. You can still manually install launcherwv. The install procedure has been stable for a long time since it shipped broken back in build 37.
  • Mod merging references in the apply button tooltip have been removed
  • Higher resolution icon 128x128 has been added for high dpi displays
  • Operations that can affect the game require MassEffect3.exe to not be running

Bug fixes

  • Log window title has been fixed
  • ValueParserLib now detects a list of values ending in ) such as (TWO;ITEMS). It used to only detect the first ( and not hte last ). So it would find (TWO;ITEMS. This was used in a few areas - this has been fixed.
  • AutoTOC on a local mod that has addfiles no longer TOCs the added files. Run AutoTOC after install instead.
  • All connections to ME3Tweaks are now encrypted for security
  • Mod Merging window scroll speed is no longer abysmally slow
  • Various UI changes.
  • Statusbar no longer says 'Checking for updates to mods' indefinitely if you decline to accept mod updates
  • GUI Transplanter/Conflict detector has had multiple bugfixes. It had a lot of complicated bugs that could cause it to malfunction.
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