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ME3Tweaks Mod Manager 4.4.1 Build 63

This build fixes a few bugs and introduces a few new features for mod deployment.

imageWARNING! This update will wipe your MixIn library and delete your mixin cache to correct an issue with the bugfix mixins. Mod Manager will automatically redownload these, if you have any custom mixins back them up!image

New Features

  • altdlc descriptor structs now support the property FriendlyName. This property is used to display the operation in the new mod utils menu item Alternate Installation Options, to describe what the alternate option does.
    Items that are greyed out are automatically selected and configured by the mod developer, selectable items can be chosen by the user. The pre-existing Description property now sets the tooltip of these items. These are key for users to understand how the mod is being configured.
  • 2 new lines are added to mod descriptions for mods that have automatic alternate custom dlc options and automatic alternate file options.
  • Starter Kit now uses the 3rdpartymodservice to identify potential mount priority conflicts.

Feature Changes

  • Information messages displayed when the game repair database now list steps to potentially fixing the problem. If you encounter errors with the game repair database, PLEASE SEND LOGS! The problem can't fix itself.
  • The mod updater now tells users they need to apply the updated mod for it to take effect. It was semi-ambiguous what the mod updater was actually updating in the past (installed vs library).


  • Sideloading a modmaker mod with the wrong file will now close the compiler window. It uses to just hang around.
  • PCConsoleTOC files are no longer checked in the game repair database, as they will be automatically generated when you TOC the game. Previously PCConsoleTOC was a huge pain as you could install a custom DLC mod, TOC the game, and then mod manager would backup a modified TOC file (that was still valid). These files are now entirely ignored by the database.

Updater info

  • This build uses a long unused updating feature that will run a script inside the update package to fix the mixin cache while mod manager is closed. It will tag the fix as applied. Future updates will see this and skip the application of the fix (as this fix will now be in all future installers)
added some commits Oct 11, 2016
@Mgamerz Starter kit now shows if a known dlc conflicts with mount priority us…
…ing the 3rdpartymodservice. Users can now choose optional add-ins for mods such as Expanded Galaxy Mod. AlternateCustomDLC structs now accept parameters FriendlyName.
@Mgamerz More verbose repair DB messages. More information about how a mod con…
…figuration is done in the description.
@Mgamerz Mod Manager 4.4.1 Build 63 - More information about mod application 6def1b3
@Mgamerz Mgamerz merged commit ef93abe into master Oct 11, 2016
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