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Branch Device Android version Base tag Link
andromeda-p-oss Mi MIX 3 5G Android P LA.UM.7.1.r1-13000-sm8150.0 andromeda-p-oss
armani-jb-oss Redmi 1S Android JB LNX.LA.3.2-09720-8x26.0 armani-jb-oss
armani-kk-oss Redmi 1S, Redmi Note Single SIM Android KK LNX.LA. armani-kk-oss
begonia-p-oss  Redmi Note 8 Pro Android p MTK begonia-p-oss
cactus-o-oss Redmi 6A, Redmi 6 Android O MTK cactus-o-oss
cactus-p-oss Redmi 6A, Redmi 6 Android P MTK cactus-p-oss
cancro-kk-oss Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi Note Android KK LNX.LA. cancro-kk-oss
cancro-m-oss  Mi 3, Mi 4, Mi Note Android M LA.BF.1.1.3-01310-8x74.0 cancro-m-oss
cappu-n-oss Mi Pad 3 Android N MTK cappu-n-oss
cepheus-p-oss Mi 9 Android P LA.UM.7.1.r1-07600-sm8150.0 cepheus-p-oss
cepheus-q-oss Mi 9, Redmi K20 Pro Android Q LA.UM.8.1.r1-08700-sm8150.0 cepheus-q-oss
clover-o-oss Mi Pad 4 Android O LA.UM.6.2.r1-08100-sdm660.0 clover-o-oss
crux-p-oss Mi9 Pro 5G Android P LA.UM.7.1.r1-15600-sm8150.0 crux-p-oss
dior-kk-oss Redmi Note Single SIM Android KK LNX.LA. dior-kk-oss
dipper-o-oss Mi 8/MI 8 Explorer Edition/POCOPHONE F1 Android 8.1 LA.UM.6.3.r4-03000-sdm845.0 dipper-o-oss
dipper-p-oss MIX2S, MIX3, MI 8, POCOPHONE F1, MI 8UD, MI 8 Explorer Edition Android P LA.UM.7.3.r1-04500-sdm845.0 dipper-p-oss
daisy-o-oss Mi A2 lite, Redmi 6pro Android O LA.UM.6.6.r1-07400-89xx.0-1 daisy-o-oss
daisy-p-oss Mi A2 lite Android P LA.UM.7.6.r1-02800-89xx.0 daisy-p-oss
davinci-p-oss Redmi K20 Android P LA.UM.7.9.r1-03300-sm6150.0 davinci-p-oss
ferrari-l-oss Mi 4i Android L LA.BR.1.1.2-01120-8x16.0 ferrari-l-oss
gemini-m-oss Mi 5 Android M LA.HB.1.1.1.c2_rb1035 gemini-m-oss
ginkgo-p-oss Redmi Note 8 Android P LA.UM.7.11.r1-02700-NICOBAR.0 ginkgo-p-oss
grus-p-oss Mi 8SE, Mi 9SE Android P LA.UM.7.8.r1-04400-SDM710.0 grus-p-oss
gucci-kk-oss  Redmi Note Dual SIM Android KK LNX.LA. gucci-kk-oss
hennessy-l-oss Redmi Note3,Redmi Note2,Redmi Note2 Pro Android L MTK hennessy-l-oss
hydrogen-m-oss Mi Max, Mi Max Pro Android M LA.BR.1.3.4-05310-8976.0 hydrogen-m-oss
ido-l-oss  Redmi 2, Redmi 3 Android L LA.BR.1.2.4-04410-8x16.0 ido-l-oss
jasmine-o-oss Mi A2 Android O LA.UM.6.2.r1-06100-sdm660.0-1.151426.0.156675.1 jasmine-o-oss
jasmine-p-oss Mi A2 Android P LA.UM.7.2.r1-04900-sdm660.0 jasmine-p-oss
jason-n-oss Mi Note 3 Android N LA.UM.6.1.r1-08100-sdm660.0 jason-n-oss
jason-p-oss Mi Note 3 Android P LA.UM.7.2.r1-05200-sdm660.0 jason-p-oss
kenzo-l-oss Redmi Note 3 Full Netcom Android L LA.BR.1.3.2-04330-8976.0 kenzo-l-oss
land-m-oss  Redmi 3S, Redmi 3X Android M LA.UM.5.1-03810-8x37.0 land-m-oss
latte-l-oss  Mi Pad 2 Android L imin.cht_rvp.a51.20150519-2015_ww20_b latte-l-oss
laurus-p-oss MI CC 9e, Mi A3 Android P LA.UM.7.11.r1-02100-NICOBAR.0 laurus-p-oss
lavender-p-oss Redmi Note 7 Android P LA.UM.7.2.r1-04900-sdm660.0 lavender-p-oss
libra-l-oss  Mi 4S, Mi 4C, Mi Note Pro Android L LA.BF64.1.2.1.c1-05310-8x92.0 libra-l-oss
libra-n-oss Mi 4S, Mi 4C, Mi Note Pro Android N LA.BF64.1.2.3-01110-8x94.0 libra-n-oss
lotus-o-oss Mi Play Android O MTK lotus-o-oss
markw-m-oss  Redmi 4 Premium Android M LA.UM.5.3-03710-89xx.0 markw-m-oss
mi1_kernel Mi 1 Android ICS M8260AAABQNLZA313065 mi1_kernel
mi2_kernel Mi 2, Mi 2A, Mi 2S Android KK A8064AAAAANLYA103051 mi2_kernel
mido-m-oss  Redmi Note 4X Standard Android M LA.UM.5.3-06310-89xx.0 mido-m-oss
mido-n-oss  Redmi Note 4X Standard Android N LA.UM.5.6.r1-02100-89xx.0 mido-n-oss
mocha-kk-oss  Mi Pad Android KK tegra-19r15.1-android-4.4 mocha-kk-oss
nitrogen-o-oss  MI MAX3,Mi Note 3 Android O LA.UM.6.2.r1-07400-sdm660.0 nitrogen-o-oss
nitrogen-p-oss  MI MAX3,MI 8Lite Android P LA.UM.7.2.r1-05200-sdm660.0 nitrogen-p-oss
olive-p-oss Redmi 8, Redmi 8A Android P LA.UM.7.6.2.r1-08100-89xx.0 olive-p-oss
onc-p-oss Redmi 7, Redmi Y3 Android P LA.UM.7.6.2.r1-04200-89xx.0 onc-p-oss
oxygen-n-oss  Mi Max 2 Android N LA.UM.5.6.r1-01900-89xx.0 oxygen-n-oss
perseus-p-oss  MIX 3 Android P LA.UM.7.3.r1-04500-sdm845.0 perseus-p-oss
pine-p-oss  Redmi 7A Android P LA.UM.7.6.2.r1-08100-89xx.0 pine-p-oss
pisces-kk-oss  Mi 3 China Mobile Android KK tegra-17r18-android-4.2 pisces-kk-oss
platina-o-oss  MI 8 Lite Android O LA.UM.6.2.r1-07400-sdm660.0 platina-o-oss
polaris-o-oss  Mi MIX 2S Android O LA.UM.6.3.r1_r00455 polaris-o-oss
pyxis-p-oss  MI CC 9, MI CC 9 Meitu Edition Android P LA.UM.7.8.r1-04400-SDM710.0 pyxis-p-oss
raphael-p-oss Redmi K20 Pro Android P LA.UM.7.1.r1-12100-sm8150.0 raphael-p-oss
riva-n-oss Redmi 4A, Redmi 5, Redmi 5A Android N LA.UM.5.6.r1-05900-89xx.0 riva-n-oss
riva-o-oss Redmi 5, Redmi 5A Android O LA.UM.6.6.r1-09900-89xx.0 riva-o-oss
sagit-n-oss  Mi 6, Mi MIX 2 Android N MSM8998.LA.1.1.r1-00232-STD.PROD-3 sagit-n-oss
sagit-o-oss  Mi 6, Mi MIX 2 Android O LA.UM.6.4.r1-04900-8x98.0 sagit-o-oss
sagit-p-oss  Mi 6, Mi MIX 2 Android P LA.UM.7.4.r1-04700-8x98.0 sagit-p-oss
sakura-o-oss Redmi 6Pro, Redmi 5Plus,Mi 5X Android O LA.UM.6.6.r1-07400-89xx.0 sakura-o-oss
sakura-p-oss Redmi 6Pro Android P LA.UM.7.6.r1-02800-89xx.0 sakura-p-oss
santoni-n-oss  Redmi 4X Android N LA.UM.5.6.r1-04600-89xx.0 santoni-n-oss
scorpio-m-oss  Mi 5, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus, Mi MIX, Mi Note 2 Android M LA.HB.1.3.1_101rb1275 scorpio-m-oss
scorpio-n-oss Mi 5, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus, Mi MIX, Mi Note 2 Android N LA.UM.5.5.r1-01800-8x96.0 scorpio-n-oss
scorpio-o-oss Mi 5, Mi 5s, Mi 5s Plus, Mi MIX, Mi Note 2 Android O LA.UM.6.5.r1-04300-8x96.0 scorpio-o-oss
sirius-o-oss Mi 8 SE Android O LA.UM.6.8.r2-00700-SDM710.0 sirius-o-oss
thomas-kk-oss  Redmi 2 Standard Android KK LNX.LA. thomas-kk-oss
tiare-o-oss Redmi Go Android O LA.UM.6.6.r1-09900-89xx.0 tiare-o-oss
tiffany-n-oss Mi 5X, Redmi 5 Plus Android N LA.UM.5.3-06310-89xx.0 tiffany-n-oss
tissot-n-oss Mi A1 Android N LA.UM.5.3-06310-89xx.0 tissot-n-oss
tissot-o-oss  Mi A1 Android 8.0 LA.UM.6.6.r1-04000-89xx.0 tissot-o-oss
tissot-o-oss-8.1  Mi A1 Android 8.1 LA.UM.6.6.r1-08600-89xx.0 tissot-o-oss-8.1
tissot-p-oss  Mi A1 Android P LA.UM.7.6.r1-02800-89xx.0 tissot-p-oss
tulip-p-oss Redmi Note 5, Redmi Note6 Pro, Mi 6X Android P LA.UM.7.2.r1-04900-sdm660.0 tulip-p-oss
tucana-p-oss Mi CC9 Pro Android P LA.UM.7.9.r1-05700-sm6150.0 tucana-p-oss
ulysse-n-oss Redmi Note 5A Android N LA.UM.5.6.r1-04600-89xx.0 ulysse-n-oss
violet-p-oss Redmi Note 7Pro Android P LA.UM.7.9.r1-03500-sm6150.0 violet-p-oss
whyred-n-oss Redmi Note 5 Android N LA.UM.6.1.r1-11000-sdm660.0 whyred-n-oss
whyred-o-oss Redmi Note 5, Redmi Note6 Pro, Mi 6X Android O LA.UM.6.2.r1-06100-sdm660.0 whyred-o-oss
ysl-o-oss Redmi S2 Android O LA.UM.6.6.r1-06200-89xx.0 ysl-o-oss
ysl-p-oss Redmi S2 Android P LA.UM.7.6.r1-03900-89xx.0 ysl-p-oss
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