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反编译/重编译Android ROM移植MIUI2.3技术 (A disassemble and reassemble Android ROM to port MIUI2.3 technology)
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1. 本项目是一种反编译和重编译Android ROM植入代码的技术,由MIUI团队( 发起并贡献第一批代码,遵循NOTICE文件所描述的开源协议,今后为MiCode社区( 拥有,并由社区发布和维护。

2. Bug反馈和跟踪,请访问Github,

3. 功能建议和综合讨论,请访问MiCode,


1. This project is about disassemble and reassemble android ROM technology, it's first initiated and sponsored by MIUI team ( It's opened under license described by NOTICE file. It's owned by the MiCode community ( In future, the MiCode community will release and maintain this project.

2. Regarding issue tracking, please visit Github,

3. Regarding feature request and general discussion, please visit Micode forum,
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