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All the stuffs related to miui porting device samsung galaxy note
branch: ics

Fix the defect that auto-start mechanism cause null pointer crash

Change-Id: I5f13cec28128dbe39f726ae864f125fb7697bcc2
latest commit 9f902384de
@yu88my yu88my authored
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CallSetting change miui reource from 3 to 6
MiuiHome/res/xml use MiuiHome/res/xml/default_workspace.xml.part to overlay the deskto…
Mms/res/values add MiuiHome Settings Phone Mms as specified in makefile
OriginalSettings fix the issue that font-size would be in exception because some apk i…
Phone/res enable config_smsc_address_encoded for phone
SMemo_HKTW fix simpleDataFormat error in SMemo
SamsungSettings change miui reource from 3 to 6
Settings disable volumn up wake up and set miui wallpaper
ThemeManager/res/values add font change function
android.policy.jar.out Use customzied IME for miui to unlock password or pin screen when the…
framework-res fix resource
framework.jar.out Add mechanism of auto-start management.
framework2.jar.out Change I71f4b54f: Fixes Phone FC when the name of a SIM card contact …
metadata change SMemo sign as test key
other enable multiple call ring
overlay/framework-miui-res/res/values adjust config_full_screen_expand_status_bar_height_ratio as 100%
services.jar.out Fix the defect that auto-start mechanism cause null pointer crash
stockrom the new kernal of gps fixed remove directory for re-build without cleaning disable font change and use Original STK
makefile fix simpleDataFormat error in SMemo enable multiple call ring 1) add boot.img and add boot info in fstab
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