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add screencap and mv2sd

Change-Id: Id658e6f8966dea6ad39fdd580ab849c4f0cda655
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1 parent 01ab49c commit 1cae60f307be4f9ee5e79cd30918b3856e1a9f7c @HackerMi HackerMi committed Jan 31, 2012
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@@ -177,9 +177,11 @@ remove-rund-apks:
rm -f $(addprefix $(ZIP_DIR)/system/app/, $(addsuffix .apk, $(RUNDAPKS)))
- @echo Add other tools: invoke-as, busybox
+ @echo Add other tools: invoke-as, busybox, screencap, mv2sd
cp $(SYSOUT_DIR)/xbin/invoke-as $(ZIP_DIR)/system/xbin/
cp $(SYSOUT_DIR)/xbin/busybox $(ZIP_DIR)/system/xbin/
+ cp $(SYSOUT_DIR)/xbin/mv2sd $(ZIP_DIR)/system/xbin/
+ cp $(SYSOUT_DIR)/bin/screencap $(ZIP_DIR)/system/bin/
@echo Add Launcher gadget files
cp -r $(SYSOUT_DIR)/media/gadget $(ZIP_DIR)/system/media/
@echo Add default theme

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