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# The original zip file
local-zip-file :=
# The output zip file of MIUI rom
local-out-zip-file :=
# All apps from zip and has smali files chanded(need to be builded by apktool)
local-modified-apps := Phone CSC LogsProvider SettingsProvider MediaProvider
# All apks from MIUI execept MIUISystemUI and framework-res.apk
local-miui-apps := Contacts ContactsProvider Mms TelephonyProvider ThemeManager \
DownloadProvider TelocationProvider Notes Music DownloadProviderUi Updater
local-miui-modified-apps := Launcher2
# All apps need to be removed from original ZIP file
local-remove-apps := aldiko-standard- BuddiesNow \
CoolEUKor CWMManager Days DialerTabActivity Dlna DualClock Email InfoAlarm \
Memo MiniDiary PressReader Protips PhoneSetupWizard SamsungApps SamsungAppsUNA3 \
SamsungWidget_CalendarClock SamsungWidget_FeedAndUpdate SamsungWidget_ProgramMonitor \
SamsungWidget_StockClock SetupWizard SnsAccount SnsProvider syncmldm thinkdroid \
TouchWiz30Launcher TweakManager UnifiedInbox VoiceSearch WriteandGo YouTube
include $(PORT_ROOT)/build/
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