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CAPCOM's 1943 arcade clone. (port of JT1943 core)
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Arcade: 1943 for MiSTer

JT_GNG FPGA Clone of Ghosts'n Goblins by Jose Tejada (@topapate)

JT1943 FPGA clone of 1943 arcade faithful to original hardware

Please, read the main README file too.

You have just got an expensive $500 PCB according to eBay. You have in your hands a faithful conversion of the circuits on the 1943 PCB to FPGA. If you come from the emulation world here are some of the things different from emulators:

-Real CPU/GPU bus sharing with delays -Sprites handled with DMA exactly as in the original hardware -Palettes determined by the original PROMs -Graphics priority handled by the original PROM -No lag between image and input. Data is being sent to the screen in real time. -3 button input (although the game seems to use only two buttons) -Sound sampling rate: 41.663 kHz (original, 125/3 kHz)

These technical aspects mean that the game play will be different from an emulator in a number of ways and that some hardware tricks that were not emulated will work here as in the original hardware.

Original repository:


Copy the *.rbf and a.1943.rom into the root folder of the SD card.

Keyboard inputs

Key Function
F1 Start 1 player
F2 Start 2 players
F3 Add Coin
F4 Pause
F5 Test Switch

Joystick support

  • Note1: in continue screen use combo Fire + 1P/2P to continue

Building ROM

🚨 🚨 🚨 Attention!! 🚨 🚨 🚨

ROM is not included. In order to use this arcade, you need to provide a correct ROM file.

  1. Put bat and 7za.exe files from releases folder into the same folder on PC.
  2. Execute bat file - it will show the name of zip file containing required files.
  3. Find this zip file somewhere. You need to find the file exactly as required. Do not rename other zip files even if they also replresent the same game - they are not compatible! The name of zip is taken from M.A.M.E. project, so you can get more info about hashes and contained files there.
  4. Put required zip into the same folder and execute the bat again.
  5. If everything will go without errors or warnings, then you will get the rom file.
  6. Place the rom file into root of SD card.


It is obvious what you have to do except:

-Press fire 1 and 2 to roll -Hold the coin button during power up to test mode in order to be able to access al test options -Hold fire 1 at the end of an air carrier phase to receive a weapon at the beginning of the next phase


Brought to you by Jose Tejada, aka jotego. Meet me in twitter @topapate Checkout my patreon page here:

Special thanks to all March '19 patrons.

Tier +3 Patrons Thanks!!

Alan Steremberg albconde Andrew Moore Andyways Blue1597 Brian Sallee Bruno Silva Carl Hagström Carlos Del Alamo Christian Bailey crashman Dag J. Daniel Hochman DarkStar7 Darren Newman Dave Ross Diego Losada Somoza Don Gafford Duane Hembrick Dustin Hubbard Ed Balan Eoin Gibney Fay Dek Filip Kindt Frank Wolf Fred Fryolator Fredrik Berglind Funkycochise furrtek Geert Oost Gonzalo López Gregory Hogan Gus Marruedo Jacob Proctor James DeRose Jan Beta Javier Martínez JD Jeremy Glass Jérôme Moreau Joe Kalwitz Johannes Reß John Klimek Joshua Witt Jo Tomiyori Keith Kelly Kevin Bidwell Leslie Law loloC2C Mads Troest Mahen Manuel Manuel Antoni Manuel Astudillo Manuel Fernández Manuelfx Marcos Marco Tavian Mark Kohler (NML32) Mary Marshall Matt Charlesworth Matthew Coyne Matthew Langtry Michael Stegen Michael's Workshop Michael Troelsen Miguel Angel Rodriguez Jodar Mike Holzinger Name Neil Maguire Nicolas Hamel Obiwantje Oliver Jaksch Oliver Wndmth Oscar Laguna Garcia Oscar López Sierra Owlnonymous Peter Edwards Phillip McMahon Popov Porkchop Express PsyFX QcRetro remowilliams Rinpoe robert fisher Rob Young Roland Rysha Salvador Perugorria Lorente Scott Redepenning Scralings SJohansson SmokeMonster StalkS Stephen Marshall Stephen Nuthall Suvodip Mitra Thomas Tahsin-Bey Tommaso Mauro Tautonico Travis Brown type78 Ultrarobotninja Víctor Gomariz Ladrón de Guevara Violeta Martin Fernandez Vorvek

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