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Asteroids Deluxe
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This is a Model of Asteroids Deluxe hardware.

The original source code was downloaded from:

-- Keyboard players inputs :
--   F3 : Add coin
--   F2 : Start 2 players
--   F1 : Start 1 player

--   Space bar   : Fire  

--   A           : Move Left
--   D           : Move Right
--   Fire		 : M
--	 Shield		 : K
--	 Thrust		 : L
   Space: Hyperspace
   Ctrl,M  : Fire
   LAlt: Thrust

   MAME/IPAC/JPAC Style Keyboard inputs:
     5           : Coin 1
     6           : Coin 2
     1           : Start 1 Player
     2           : Start 1 Player

-- Joystick support.

-- OSD language selection

The rbf file is in releases


                                *** Attention ***

ROM is not included. In order to use this arcade, you need to provide a correct ROM file.

Find this zip file somewhere. You need to find the file exactly as required.
Do not rename other zip files even if they also represent the same game - they are not compatible!
The name of zip is taken from M.A.M.E. project, so you can get more info about
hashes and contained files there.

To generate the ROM using Windows:
1) Copy the zip into "releases" directory
2) Execute bat file - it will show the name of zip file containing required files.
3) Put required zip into the same directory and execute the bat again.
4) If everything will go without errors or warnings, then you will get the a.*.rom file.
5) Copy generated a.*.rom into root of SD card along with the Arcade-*.rbf file

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