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-- Arcade: Joust port to MiSTer by Sorgelig, oldgit -- December 2018


Copyright 2005-2008 by Peter Wendrich (

cpu09l - Version : 0128 Synthesizable 6809 instruction compatible VHDL CPU core Copyright (C) 2003 - 2010 John Kent

cpu68 - Version 9th Jan 2004 0.8 6800/01 compatible CPU core GNU public license - December 2002 : John E. Kent

This port is only possible because of previous work by many many others - Thank You to find out more search "Williams arcade" on a search engine.

Keyboard players inputs :

F10 : Advance F9 : Auto up F7 : High score reset F5 : Add coin right F4 : Add coin centre F3 : Add coin left F2 : Start 2 players F1 : Start 1 player ESC : Slam

player 1

A move left S move right F flap wings

player 2

. move left / move right UP arrow flap wings

Joystick support.

                            *** Attention ***

ROMs are not included. In order to use this arcade, you need to provide a correct ROM file.

  1. Add the required zipped rom file to releases folder.

  2. Execute bat file - it will show the name of zip file containing required files.

  3. Find this zip file somewhere. You need to find the file exactly as required. Do not rename other zip files even if they also replresent the same game - they are not compatible! The name of zip is taken from M.A.M.E. project, so you can get more info about hashes and contained files there.

  4. If everything goes without errors or warnings, then you will get the rom file.

  5. Place the rom file into root of SD card together with the .rbf file.