Analog video output compatibility

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The VGA style HD DB15 port is intended for analog video output and is not explicitly VGA or any one standard. The page has be titled to reflect as such as the as individual cores and configuration can vary. The default configuration is to output non scaled video in a RGBHV mode. MiSTer can be configured to enable scaling, output RGBs, RGsB or component as well over this port. Native resolutions are stated as that which is generated by the core by default, these may not match original hardware. Display output frequencies and resolutions will tend to change over a cores life. Cores can sometimes output multiple resolutions and a more vague classification maybe called.

The primary port of the DE10 nano is HDMI and hence will often be the initial video target output for cores.

Table of cores and resolutions supported over the RGB/VGA output


core version native resolution Refresh Rate (Vertical, Horizontal) Notes
Atari 2600 20181214 240p 15.40kHz,59.4Hz A startup rom must be placed in the core
Atari 5200 20180819 240p 15.62kHz,59.9hz
Bally Astrocade 20181224 240p 15.70kHz,59.9Hz
Colecovision 20181130 240p 15.49kHz,59.7Hz
NES 20181231 240p 15.61kHz,60.1Hz
Odyssey2 20181221 240p 15.61kHz,60.1Hz
Genesis 20181231 240p 15.72kHz,60.3Hz
Master System 20181231 240p 15.65kHz,60.3Hz
SNES 20181231 240p 15.61kHz,60.0Hz
PC Engine 20181231 240p 15.56kHz,59.7Hz
Gameboy 20181231 VGA 36.56kHz,59.7Hz
Vectrex 20180616 VGA 44.96kHz,60.0Hz


core version native resolution Refresh Rate (Vertical, Horizontal) Notes
Acorn Archimedes 20180519 240p 16.22kHz,52.2Hz no HDMI
Altair 8800 20181113 VGA 45.03kHz,60.0Hz
Amiga 20181216 240p 15.68kHz,50.4Hz
Amstrad CPC 6128 2018084 240p 15.63kHz,50.25Hz boot rom needed
486 20181215 VGA 44.95kHz,60.0Hz
Apogee 20180305 240p 15.44kHz,50.0Hz
Apple II+ 20180308 VGA 30.62kHz,58.5Hz
Apple Macintosh Plus 20180305 Mac 22.06kHz,60.1Hz
Aquarius 20180429 240p 15.49kHz,59.6Hz
Atari 800 20180812 240p 15.63kHz,59.9Hz
Atari ST 1 VGA 31.13kHz,49.9Hz
BBC Micro 20180521 ? 62.5kHz,62.5kHz
BK0011M 20180901 240p 15.82kHz,48.82Hz
Commodore 64 20180831 240p 15.31kHz,58.4Hz
Commodore 16 20180902 240p 15.50kHz,49.8Hz
Commodore PET 20180305 240p 15.49kHz,59.6Hz
Commodore VIC-20 20180926 240p 15.54kHz,59.8Hz
PDP-1 20190101 1280x1024 63.80kHz,59.9Hz
MSX 20180520 240p 15.62kHz,59.9Hz
MultiComp 20180629 VGA 30.99kHz,59.6Hz
Sharp MZ Series 20180927 240p 15.01kHz,58.0Hz no HDMI output
Sinclair QL 20180305 240p 15.74kHz,60.3Hz
Specialist/MX 20180305 yes 15.61kHz.50.0Hz
Tandy CoCo3 091918a VGA 31.28kHz,59.9Hz
TI-99/4A 20180527 240p 15.38kHz,59.88Hz A startup rom must be placed in the core
TSConf 20180901 240p 15.51kHz,50.0Hz
Vector 06C 20180304 240p 15.51kHz,50.0Hz
X68000 20171103 NA NA
ZX Spectrum 20181231 240p 15.51kHz48.8Hz
ZX81 20180903 240p 15.62kHz,59.9Hz


core version native resolution Refresh Rate (Vertical, Horizontal) Notes
1942 20180313 VGA 37.77kHz,60.3Hz TATE, image squished over HDMI
Alibaba 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
Amidar 20180313 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
AzurianAttack 20180313 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
Bagman 20180313 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
BlackHole 20180313 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
BombJack 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
Bubbles 20181217 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
BurgerTime 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
BurningRubber 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
Catacomb 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
Colony7 20181218 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
ComputerSpace 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz menu not available over VGA
CosmicAvenger 20180313 240p 15.89kHz,61.1Hz
CrazyClimber 20180607 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
CrazyKong 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
CrushRoller 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
Defender 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
DonkeyKong 20180418 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
Dorodon 20180313 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
DreamShopper 20180313 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
Eeekk 20180313 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
Eyes 20180313 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
Frogger 20180313 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
Galaga 20180313 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
Galaxian 20180313 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
GalaxyWars 20171115 VGA 37.8kHz,60.3Hz
Gorkans 20180313 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
Invaders 20181010 VGA 31.20kHz,59.9Hz
Joust 20181216 240p 15.49kHz,60.0Hz
LadyBug 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,60.0Hz
LizardWizard 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,60.0Hz
LodeRunner 20171115 VGA 37.8kHz,60.3Hz
LunarRescue 20171115 VGA 37.8kHz,60.3Hz
Mayday 20181218 240p 15.49kHz,60.0Hz
MoonCresta 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,60.0Hz
MoonPatrol 20180315 240p 15.51kHz,50.0Hz
MrDoNightmare 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
MrTNT 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
MsPacman 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
Omega 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
Orbitron 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
Pacman 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
PacmanClub 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
PacmanPlus 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
PacmanicMiner 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
Pengo 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
Phoenix 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
Pisces 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
Ponpoko 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
Pooyan 20180313 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
Robotron 20181215 240p 15.49kHz,59.1Hz
Scramble 20180929 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
Sinistar 20181218 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
SnapJack 20180315 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
Space Attack II 20171115 VGA 37.8kHz,60.3Hz
Space Invaders 20171115 VGA 37.8kHz,60.3Hz
Space Invaders Part II 20171115 VGA 37.8kHz,60.3Hz
Space Laser 20171115 VGA 37.8kHz,60.3Hz
Splat 20181217 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
Stargate 20181216 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
Super Earth Invasion 20171115 VGA 37.8kHz,60.3Hz
SuperGlob 20180313 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
TheEnd 20180313 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
TimePilot 20180313 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
VanVanCar 20180313 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
WarOfTheBugs 20180103 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
Woodpecker 20180313 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
Xevious 20180313 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz
ZigZag 20181219 240p 15.86kHz,60.6Hz

Declare specific resolution
Specify if PAL/NTSC alternate is available
Note is core expecting horizontal or vertical orientation

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