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Core Status

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Under Construction - Pardon our dust!

This page is a quick guide on status for most available cores.

SuperStar Cores

These are the most polished cores which are either feature complete or very close, with integration with the latest no-lag scaler and other features.

Cores listed here are recommended for a basic beginner MiSTer installation.

(Note to those who fill the tables: you need to refrain from your wishes written as "missing" features.)


System Repo Latest Features Missing Features
Astrocade releases - -
Atari 2600 releases - -
Atari 5200 releases - -
ColecoVision releases Compatible with Sega SG-1000 -
Nintendo Entertainment System releases Zapper support A handful of hack and homebrew mappers still missing
Nintendo Gameboy releases Game Boy Color games -
Oddisey 2 releases - -
PC Engine / TurboGrafx16 / SuperGrafx releases SuperGrafx games -
Sega Genesis / Megadrive releases Virtua Racing -
Sega Master System releases GameGear support -
Super Nintendo releases Super FX and SuperScope -
Vectrex releases - -


System Repo Latest Features Missing Features
Amstrad CPC 6128 releases - -
Atari 800 XL releases - -
Amiga releases AGA
Commodore 64 / Ultimax releases - -
Commodore 16 / Plus/4 releases - -
Commodore PET releases - -
Commodore VIC-20 releases - -
IBM PC 486 (ao486) releases - -
SAM Coupe releases - -
ZX Spectrum releases - -

Good Cores

These cores work well but are missing some key features to be considered a full replacement of original hardware. Installation is only recommended for medium users who understand the main limitations.



System Repo Notes Missing Features
Apple II+ releases - Missing disk write support. No support for .dsk files
Apple Macintosh Plus releases - -

Advanced Cores / Needing Setup

These cores are functional but need more setup than cores above. Most Arcade cores fall into this category, so won't be listed individually.

Use of these cores is only recommended to medium to advanced users.

Game Repo Notes Missing Features
Arcade Cores (many games) Require ROM injection Missing advanced scaler
Altair 8800 releases - -
DEC PDP-1 releases - -

WIP Cores

These cores are still under development, and while functional, cannot be considered close to complete. Installation and use is not recommended for most users (only advanced users willing to tinker).


System Repo Notes Missing Features
Neo Geo (not released yet) - Missing HDMI and sound, final RAM spec not completely defined.


System Repo Notes Missing Features
Sharp X68000 releases - -

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