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The MiSTer menu can be customized in a number of ways.

eg You can add a cool font, or change the background image for the main menu.

To change the default font

Create a /media/fat/fonts folder on your SD card.

Next download the fonts from here - MiSTer Fonts

Copy the pf files downloaded from that url to the /media/fat/fonts folder

Next edit /media/fat/MiSTer.ini

Find the

font= line, and edit to use a new font. Be careful not to add a / before the font folder!


If you want to use the C64 font - change the font line to


To add a background image

Find a suitable png or jpg file that you like

Copy your desired image to /media/fat/menu.jpg or /media/fat/menu.png (as appropriate)


Press F1 once rebooted into MiSTer to select your background.

To use multiple background images

There is also a way to have MiSTer choose from a selection of wallpaper images at random. On the root of your micro SD card (/media/fat), you can create the following folder:


Remove the menu.jpg/menu.png file (if present) from the root of the micro SD card. Populate the wallpapers folder with your desired images. Press F1 to cycle through the included default images until you see one of the custom wallpaper images you have added, then leave it on that image. On the next restart, a different image will be chosen at random.

You can also create the following additional folders:

wallpapers_alt_1 wallpapers_alt_2 wallpapers_alt_3

MiSTer supports up to three additional configuration profiles. The active MiSTer.ini or MiSTer_alt_*.ini file will determine from which folder the images are selected. If any of your configuration profiles use different resolutions, you can populate the corresponding wallpapers folders with only images of that profile's resolution. Each of these folders can have completely unique multiple images, or you can place just one image in each folder to have greater control over which background is used for certain configuration profiles.

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