How to get your own addon boards

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When you've gotten your DE10-Nano FPGA board, you will probably want to have the expansions like the SDRAM or IO board. There are two ways to do that:

1. Buy

Check the sale threads:

  • Add-On Sale Thread (Atari-Forum) NOTE: If you will find some sellers not mentioned in that thread, please post there the link and ask before purchase. There are some scammers who improperly solder the boards and sell even with higher price than you can get on the forum.

2. Do It Yourself

If you are a bit technically gifted or just want to learn how to assemble PCBs by yourself, then head over to the "Assembly (DIY)" guides in the wiki sidebar and make your own boards! You can discuss and share your experiences with us here:

MiSTer Wiki




Arcade Cores

Service cores


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