Internet and console connection from supported cores

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Starting from 2018 may 7 release MiSTer supports serial (UART) connection from FPGA to Linux. Linux OS runs PPP or Console daemon on this connection allowing access the internet or Linux shell from FPGA cores.

Cores supporting serial connection

  • Minimig. Tested on Roadshow TCP/IP and AmiTCP. AmiTCP provides more complete solution with ftpd daemon. There are many other 3rd party addons are based on AmiTCP, so it's advised to use this package. Roadshow works ok locally, although i couldn't make DNS work. Probably it needs more settings, but their 20min demo doesn't allow to test and setup it fully. Term v4.7 has been used to test console connection.
  • ao486. Currently only console connection has been tested using Dos Navigator's integrated Terminal and Kermit 3.15. PPP should work under Win95. DOS tools are here :

OSD provides an option to switch between PPP and Console on these cores. Both console and PPP are using baud rate 115200 8N1 mode with hardware RTS/CTS flow control for stability.

Console connection

Using this connection with supported terminal application on FPGA core, you can access the Linux shell and do some file managements or Linux settings if required. No special settings are required of Linux.

PPP connection

Using this connection core may have internet connection. More important, the core may run ftp daemon and provide access to its filesystem, so you can use FTP client on PC to move the files to/from the emulated system.

PPP daemon uses /media/fat/linux/ppp_options (linux\ppp_options of PC) file. Most likely you don't need to modify it. Recent update assigns IPs automatically. Core gets <your_net>.254 IP (for example If you want other IP, then modify ppp_options file. For correct PPP work, make sure you see a network icon in Menu core before starting the other core. Otherwise PPP link won't get IPs. If you've started core earlier, then simply connect the core to PPP and disconnect. Next connection will get correct IP. Or you can switch UART mode in OSD to renew the IP.

NOTE: I'm looking Amiga and MSDOS terminal supporting color and control codes of linux, so it will be possible to use Midnight Commander in terminal connection. If you know such terminal application, then let me know.

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