Example Using Yapsy Python Plugins with GTK+
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Example Using Yapsy Python Plugins with GTK+

This is an example Python GTK+ application I have been using for experimenting with Yapsy, a simple python plugin system. The code has a ton of comments and you can read more details on my blog post: Python Plugins with Yapsy.


  • Python 2
  • GTK+ 3
  • Yapsy - Make sure you grab the Python2 version and not the Python3 version. Eg. pip install Yapsy==1.9
  • PyXDG - Most Linux distributions will likely have pyxdg or python-xdg in their software repositories.

Running the Example

Launch the application with:

python yapsy-gtk-example.py

Which should show a window like the one below.

Screenshot of yapsy-gtk-example Window

To get started, take a look at yapsy-gtk-example.py first and then look into the plugin files inside of the plugins directory.