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#! /usr/bin/env zsh
# Create a X Windows PCF font from a BDF.
# See README for more details.
usage="Usage: ${0:t} FONT-NAME.bdf
Generate and install a PCF.
To start a new font, copy an existing BDF:
cp .../orp-medium.bdf lib/my-font.bdf
Hack your new font:
gbdfed lib/my-font.bdf
Install it:
$0:t lib/my-font.bdf
# Check for a bunch of misuses.
[[ $# > 0 ]] || { print $usage; exit 1 }
bdf=${1?Must provide font.bdf file}
[[ -f $bdf ]] || { print "ERROR: missing $bdf file.\n\n$usage"; exit 1 }
[[ $bdf:t:e == 'bdf' ]] || { print "ERROR: only will work with .bdf files.\n\n$usage"; exit 1 }
cd $0:h
cd -
[[ -d $libdir ]] || { print $usage; exit 1 }
# Do the generation work from the local misc dir.
[[ -d $pcfdir ]] || { print "INFO: creating a misc dir to sit on your font path"; mkdir $pcfdir }
# Mysterious temp file.
# Needed for something UTF stuff.
# Check for system utility dependencies.
deps=( ucs2any bdftopcf mkfontdir gzip xset )
print "Checking for dependencies…"
for d in $deps; do
which $d >/dev/null || {
print "missing $d"
exit 1
pushd $bdfdir
# Generate intermediate truncated file.
# Performance workaround for sparse fonts.
# Taken out of package:
../ 'U+3200' <$font.bdf >$trunc.bdf
# Generate BDF fonts containing subsets of ISO 10646-1 codepoints.
ucs2any +d $font.bdf $utfs ISO8859-1
# Generate the PCF.
bdftopcf $trunc.bdf >$font.pcf
# Remove mysterious generated file.
rm -f ${font}-ISO8859-1.bdf
# Turn into compressed/usable form.
gzip -f -9 $font.pcf
# Clean up junk.
rm $trunc.bdf
pushd $pcfdir
mv ~1/$font.pcf.gz .
# Add this new PCF-GZ to $PWD/fonts.dir
# Tell X that this font is now available.
# Stupid stupid xsel bug makes adding multiple times cause duplicate
# path entries, so have to delete the dir (which successfully removes
# all duplicates), and then add. Use `xset q` to see everything.
xset -fp $PWD
xset +fp $PWD
# Show new font path.
xset q |grep -A1 'Font Path:'
print "\nYou can remove this path if you messed up with:"
print " xset -fp $PWD"