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Yet another reflow oven controller (YAROC, but we called it c-flow) for c-base. The design is mainly based on parts we had available in c-lab. Note: the project is work in progress, major fuckups may be present in the design files

The design is modular:

  • MCU board has a microcontroller, a solid state relay and a header for analog temperature sensor daughterboards. Headers for ISP programming, SPI communication and CP2102 USB-to-USART module are available too. SSR used is S102S02.
  • a daughterboard for PT100 sensor has all the analog sensor conditioning circuitry: constant current source, wire resistance elimination, active filter. Based on Microchip App Note AN687
  • Arduino compatible

UI features available

  • power LED
  • "heater on" LED
  • "oven running" LED
  • "start/stop" button
  • SPI header for serial LCD module
  • I2C header
  • 4 AUX IOs with pullup and pulldown pads