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Module: MMM-Snow

Inspired by NHubbard's Snow Plugin I created a little more realistic snow plugin to improve your winter experience!

The module supports themes. Current themes are winter and love. The first one let's it snow while the latter conjurs hearts on your mirror.

Screenshot theme "winter"

Screenshot theme "love"

Screenshot theme "water"


In your terminal, go to your MagicMirror's Module folder:

cd ~/MagicMirror/modules

Clone this repository:

git clone

Configure the module in your config.js file.

Note: After starting the Mirror, it will take a few seconds before the snow begins to fall ...

Using the module

To use this module, add it to the modules array in the config/config.js file:

modules: [
		module: 'MMM-Snow',
		position: 'fullscreen_above',
		config: { // See 'Configuration options' for more information.
			flakeCount: 100,
			theme: "winter"			

Configuration options

The following property can be configured:

Option Description
flakeCount The number of snow flakes. More flakes are havier for the cpu, so don't go wild.
Default value: 100
theme Defines the type of "flakes". Possible values are winter, love, and water.
Default value: winter

Defineing new themes

Certainly, there are many opportunities for new themes. To extend this module with new themes takes three simple development steps.

Add image files

Add your "flake" images to folder ./images in MMM-Snowdirectory. The image has to be a PNG with transparent background color. Make size of the file similar to existing files (50x50). The file names have to have a prefix followed by a number, e.g. foo1.png, foo2.png, foo3.png.

Reference images in CSS classes

Create new CSS classes in MMM-Snow.css, which reference your images. Class name and file name n´have to be identical.

.MMM-Snow .foo1 {background-image: url('images/foo1.png');}
.MMM-Snow .foo2 {background-image: url('images/foo2.png');}

Define theme

Extend the themes map in the file MMM-Snow.js. Just add another entry

"bar"   : { 
	"flakePrefix" : "foo",    
	"imagesCount"  : 3,         // number of images in this theme, here:  foo1, foo2, foo3
	"downwards"    : false,     // flakes move upwards from bottom to top
	"sizeFactor"   : 2}         // adapt size of flakes to your liking, <1 smaller, =1 original, >1 larger 

The named index bar is the externally visible theme name, which has to be used in config.js. Setting flakePrefix tells how the image files and CSS classes are called; in our example it should be foo. imagesCount defines how many image files / css classes are there. If you have three images, put 3 which makes the module using foo1, foo2, and foo3 respectively. The boolean setting downwards defines the direction of flakes' movements; true means downwards and true means upwards. Setting sizeFactor makes the flake images larger or smaller; values between 0 and 1 makes the flake smaller, while values larger than 1 enlarges them.

Configure new theme

To use the new theme, change the theme parameter for the MMM-Snow module in the config/config.js file:

modules: [
		module: 'MMM-Snow',
		position: 'fullscreen_above',
		config: {
			theme: "bar"

After restarting the mirror the new MMM-Snow theme should be displayed.


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