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Contribution Policy for MagicMirror²

Thanks for contributing to MagicMirror²!

We hold our code to standard, and these standards are documented below.

If you wish to run both linters, use grunt without any arguments.

JavaScript: Run ESLint

We use ESLint on our JavaScript files.

Our ESLint configuration is in our .eslintrc.json and .eslintignore files.

To run ESLint, use grunt eslint.

CSS: Run StyleLint

We use StyleLint to lint our CSS. Our configuration is in our .stylelintrc file.

To run StyleLint, use grunt stylelint.

Submitting Issues

Please only submit reproducible issues.

If you're not sure if it's a real bug or if it's just you, please open a topic on the forum: Problems installing or configuring your MagicMirror? Check out:

When submitting a new issue, please supply the following information:

Platform: Place your platform here... give us your web browser/Electron version and your hardware (Raspberry Pi 2/3, Windows, Mac, Linux, System V UNIX).

Node Version: Make sure it's version 0.12.13 or later.

MagicMirror Version: Now that the versions have split, tell us if you are using the PHP version (v1) or the newer JavaScript version (v2).

Description: Provide a detailed description about the issue and include specific details to help us understand the problem. Adding screenshots will help describing the problem.

Steps to Reproduce: List the step by step process to reproduce the issue.

Expected Results: Describe what you expected to see.

Actual Results: Describe what you actually saw.

Configuration: What does the used config.js file look like? Don't forget to remove any sensitive information!

Additional Notes: Provide any other relevant notes not previously mentioned. This is optional.

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