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Contribution Policy for MagicMirror²

Thanks for contributing to MagicMirror²!

We hold our code to standard, and these standards are documented below.

If you wish to run our linters, use npm run lint without any arguments.

JavaScript: Run ESLint

We use ESLint on our JavaScript files.

Our ESLint configuration is in our .eslintrc.json and .eslintignore files.

To run ESLint, use npm run lint:js.

CSS: Run StyleLint

We use StyleLint to lint our CSS. Our configuration is in our .stylelintrc file.

To run StyleLint, use npm run lint:css.

Submitting Issues

Please only submit reproducible issues.

If you're not sure if it's a real bug or if it's just you, please open a topic on the forum:

Problems installing or configuring your MagicMirror? Check out:

When submitting a new issue, please supply the following information:

Platform: Place your platform here... give us your web browser/Electron version and your hardware (Raspberry Pi 2/3/4, Windows, Mac, Linux, System V UNIX).

Node Version: Make sure it's version 12 or later (recommended is 14).

MagicMirror Version: Please let us know which version of MagicMirror you are running. It can be found in the package.json file.

Description: Provide a detailed description about the issue and include specific details to help us understand the problem. Adding screenshots will help describing the problem.

Steps to Reproduce: List the step by step process to reproduce the issue.

Expected Results: Describe what you expected to see.

Actual Results: Describe what you actually saw.

Configuration: What does the used config.js file look like? Don't forget to remove any sensitive information!

Additional Notes: Provide any other relevant notes not previously mentioned. This is optional.