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Calendar: date headers not fading #1464

lavolp3 opened this Issue Nov 15, 2018 · 1 comment


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lavolp3 commented Nov 15, 2018

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Platform: Raspberry Pi 3b, Raspbian Jessie, electron v3.0.9

Node Version: v11.0.0

MagicMirror Version: v2.5.0
In the Calendar module, when timeFormat is set to dateheaders, the headers do not fade as the calendar entries do.

Steps to Reproduce: n/a
Expected Results: date headers also fading

Actual Results: date headers not fading

{ module: "calendar", classes: 'xsmall', header: "Kalender", position: "top_left", config: { colored: true, maximumEntries: 15, timeFormat: 'dateheaders', dateFormat: 'dddd DoMo', dateEndFormat: 'HH:mm', fullDayEventDateFormat: 'dddd DoMo', displayRepeatingCountTitle: true, broadcastEvents: false, fadePoint: 0.65, maxTitleLength: 35, calendars: [ { symbol: 'calendar', url: '' }, { symbol: 'birthday-cake', color: '#f4a341', url: xxx }, ], }, },

lavolp3 added a commit to lavolp3/MagicMirror that referenced this issue Nov 21, 2018

- Fading for dateheaders timeFormat in Calendar [MichMich#1464](MichMich#1464)
- Bug showing FullDayEvents one day too long in calendar fixed

lavolp3 added a commit to lavolp3/MagicMirror that referenced this issue Nov 21, 2018

- Fading for dateheaders timeFormat in Calendar [MichMich#1464](MichMich#1464)
- Bug showing FullDayEvents one day too long in calendar fixe

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MichMich commented Nov 29, 2018


@MichMich MichMich closed this Nov 29, 2018

chrisotto6 added a commit to chrisotto6/MagicMirror that referenced this issue Jan 4, 2019

Merging down from source (#1)
* Fixed coloredSymbolOnly

* Changed weatherforecast to use dt_txt field

* New calendar display format with date headers for days and times listed next to events for that date


Sunday, May 1st
  2:00 pm       Soccer
  4:00 pm       Basketball

* fix missing s on timeFormat

* fix linting errors.  add line to changelog

* Upgrade to Electron 2.0.0.

* Update

Included /home/pi/MagicMirror/ path when copying config.js.sample and running npm run config:check

* Fixes MichMich#1282.
Added a runtime var isShowingDescription that gets reset to user config.
this.config.showDescription no longer mutates during runtime.
Changelog has been updated to include this fix.

* fix moment, add unit filter

* start with forecast template

* Add information about the Electron update.

* Add note to

Add note to to not add calendars that have entries before 1st January 1970.

* add and lint clientonly

* Changelog

* Ability to fetch compliments from a remote server

* Add regex filtering to calendar module

* invoke callback for suspend notification, even if no dom content

* fix tabs

* update changelog

* fix changelog

* Revert "fix changelog"

This reverts commit c3f03e3.

* Style change.

* remove trailing spaces from reformatted else

* Customize classes for table

MagicMirror offers helper classes in the main.css. Therefore, we give
the possibility to indicate the class that we want.

* Update .gitignore

* Add changelog

* README updated

Update of README for the new option.

* ESLint format

Resolve format ith eslint

* Tabs and spaces from the original files

With a diff, here the orginal tabulations.

* show indoor data, add loading message

* minor typo in position fixed.

* Add option to newsfeed for logging errors

- 'logFeedWarnings' added to newsfeed config, defaulted to false
- Only log parse feed errors when logFeedWarnings is true
- Fixes MichMich#1329

* Fix locale id zh_cn -> zh-cn, zh_tw -> zh-tw, pt_br -> pt-br

* Update

* Add update translations.

* Update

* Correct the "Raspberry Pi" link in the ToC.

* Fixed Heat Index for Kelvin

* Fixed Wind Chill in Kelvin

* Updated changelog

* Updated changelog

* Prepare to release 2.4.0

* Setup the next release (2.5.0).

* indoor data, new filter, small cleanup

* Fixed parsing date, as dt_txt is missing from certain weather API results

* Prepare for release 2.4.1

* Prepare for 2.5.0

* Abillity to toggle article in fullscreen

* Swedish translation for "FEELS"

* Update

* Update

* Add some translations (mostly french).

* Wrong mixup… (cf german and spanish)

Thanks fewieden.


* ADDED: Missing Hungarian localization for the "WEEK" resource key.

* ADDED: Missing Hungarian localization for the "FEELS" resource key.

* CHANGED: The Hungarian localization of the updatenotification module is changed to be more natural, because the existing messages felt like they were created with machine translation, and they were not only unnatural, but also misleading.

* UPDATED: The file with description of the changes in the Hungarian localization.

* Added Spanish translation for "FEELS"

* Classes for alert module

Use of classes instead of inline style. With those modifications, it will be easier to personnalize the alert with custom.css

* updated

* Update nb.json

Added translation for "FEELS"

* Update nn.json

Added translation for "FEELS"

* Added an if to use absolute dates with all events

* Added also description of the change to changelog

* weatherforecast rainfall rounding

* Update

* Fix ES6 syntax bug on RaspberryPi Zero W

Following this issue MichMich#694 it seems that the Midori Browser does not recoginize ES6 syntax. Further, the use of 'var' is seen throughout the calendar module excpet on line 439, where the error is reported

* Add patch note to

* Fix link for finding cities in OpenWeather

* Update Changelog for weather city link

* Update sv.json

Small changes. Added "FEELS": "Känns som".

* ClientOnly: Global variable name used in callback function. 

The global 'config' variable is used in the callback function, changed to local one. Unwanted behaviour when accessing server on docker or if using or blank address in config file as it just passes this to electron to display.

* Update

* consider events lasting several full days as full day events

* Correct changelog entry.

* added support for events having a duration instead of an end

* added support for showing end of events through config parameters showEnd and dateEndFormat

* Update

* Updating "feels" translation

* Polish translate for "Feels"

* Update pl.json

* CHANGED: The COMMIT_COUNT placeholder in the UPDATE_INFO message of the UpdateNotification module does not contain the word "commit" or "commits" any more, so language files can independently localize them.


* CHANGED: The UPDATE_INFO key in the localization file is changed to UPDATE_INFO_SINGLE and UPDATE_INFO_MULTIPLE to allow different localization for single and multiple commits.

* FIXED: Character encoding issue in pl.json occurred during rebase.

* CHANGED: The wording in CHANGELOG is modified to be more descriptive.

* Add gzip support to calendar fetcher.

* update changelog with gzip calendar fix

* Merge upstream/develop

* update adding gzip fix for calendar module

* Update zh-cn translation to 2.5.0

* Update for zh-cn translation updates.

* Support multi-line compliments.

* Update with multi-line compliments support.

* Replace innerHTML() with createElement() and appendChild() for security.

* Update compliments for multi-line support.

* Use 'white-space: pre-line' for multi-line compliment.

* Prepare for release 2.5.0

* Details to install the latest version of Node.js

Added the direct code to always install the latest version of Node.js for the manual installation.
Maybe you could also include this in the automatic setup script, which does not seem to install the latest version of Node.js.

* Prepare for 2.6.0-dev.

* Allow to parse recurring calendar events where the start date is before 1970

Some birthday calendar events have a start date before 1970.

* Allow to parse recurring calendar events where the start date is before 1970

Some birthday calendar events have a start date before 1970.

* Allow to parse recurring calendar events where the start date is before 1900

Some birthday calendar events have a start date before 1900.

* - Possibility to add classes to the cell of symbol, title and time of the events of calendar.

* Update

* Update

* * Added font awesome 5, keeping shims in place for the calendar app (
* Updated example sample config

* Updated changelog

* Spaces to tab

* Added in 5 day forecast screenshot

* Added in screenshot for current weather module.

* Added in screenshot

* Added in compliments screenshot

* Added in screenshot for the newfeed module

* (doc) showEnd config

Add documentation for showEnd configuration

* Update

* Fixed README formatting errors.

* Fix Broken Link is a dead link, suggest replacing with

* fix polish translation

* Change showEnd default to false.

* Fixed eslint issues

.. as requested in Pull Request MichMich#1424

* Portuguese translation for "Feels"

* Ignore rrule errors

* Update

* Fading for dateheaders

Included fading for dateheaders option
Removed unnecessary switch statement in dateheaders option

* Update

- Fading for dateheaders timeFormat in Calendar [MichMich#1464](MichMich#1464)
- Bug showing FullDayEvents one day too long in calendar fixe

* formatting corrected

Corrected formatting due to Travis CI errors

* Update


* Create hr.json

Croatian translation.

* Update

Added Croatian translation to the changelog.

* Update translations.js

Added Croatian.

* Initial

* Add issue number to changelog

* CHANGED: The Weather Forecast module by default displays the ° symbol after every numeric value to be consistent with the Current Weather module.

* Add ajv dependency to fix linting error.

* Document endTime variables

Missed docs in MichMich@188aa14

Signed-off-by: David Galloway <>

* weatherprovider

* small improvements

* forecast

* darksky forecast and darksky current weather fixes

* config options and documentation

* cleanup

* Add changelog entry

* add unit and language handling for weather provider darksky

* Update ro.json

* Update

* fixed darksky metric units

* fixed beaufortwindspeed for imperial units

* add original feels like temperature and fixed it for imperial units

* Update

Wrong delimiter used for electronOptions. Use : instead of =.

* fix rain amount information for different units and providers, documentation

* link provider readme in module readme

* Prepare for release 2.6.0.

* Upgrade Electron to 2.0.16

* Additional update info.

* Add dependency.
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