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[2.6.0] - 2019-01-01

ℹ️ Note: This update uses new dependencies. Please update using the following command: git pull && npm install. If you are having issues updating, make sure you are running the latest version of Node.


  • New default module weather. This module will eventually replace the current currentweather and weatherforecast modules. The new module is still pretty experimental, but it's included so you can give it a try and help us improve this module. Please give us you feedback using this forum post.

A huge, huge, huge thanks to user @fewieden for all his hard work on the new weather module!


  • Possibility to add classes to the cell of symbol, title and time of the events of calendar.
  • Font-awesome 5, still has 4 for backwards compatibility.
  • Missing showEnd in calendar documentation
  • Screenshot for the new feed module
  • Screenshot for the compliments module
  • Screenshot for the clock module
  • Screenshot for the current weather
  • Screenshot for the weather forecast module
  • Portuguese translation for "Feels"
  • Croatian translation
  • Fading for dateheaders timeFormat in Calendar #1464
  • Documentation for the existing scale option in the Weather Forecast module.


  • Allow to parse recurring calendar events where the start date is before 1900
  • Fixed Polish translation for Single Update Info
  • Ignore entries with unparseable details in the calendar module
  • Bug showing FullDayEvents one day too long in calendar fixed
  • Bug in newsfeed when removeStartTags is used on the description #1478


  • The default calendar setting showEnd is changed to false.


  • The Weather Forecast module by default displays the ° symbol after every numeric value to be consistent with the Current Weather module.