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Default modules:

The following modules are installed by default.

Optional Modules:


To install 3rd party or your own custom modules just follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the modules folder via the follow command: cd ~/MagicMirror/modules.

  • Clone the module from github: git clone https://github.com/author/module-name (remembering to replace the URL with that of the module on github).

  • Follow any additional instruction on from the modules readme.

  • Add your brand new module to your config! This is the file config/config.js that you duplicated earlier. Edit this in your favourite editor and add:

        module: 'module name',
        position: 'position',
        header: 'optional header',
        config: {
            extra option: 'value'

    to the list of modules. You can look at the default modules for examples and further details can be found on the main readme.

3rd party modules:

The following modules are created by their respective authors:

Create your own module

If you want to build your own modules, check out the MagicMirror² Module Development Documentation