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Apple Google Microsoft Calendar Support

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Syncing your MicroSoft, Google and Apple calendars

To be able to use your calendar with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple iCal calendars, you need to either add each, individually or find a way to sync them into one. There are several free and non-free software that can help you do this. \ For example, in this forum thread are instructions how to sync with iCal.

Two-way Syncing

Here are some various projects that can be used to sync your calendars into one.

Office 365 Calendar Support

Office 365 calendars create date formats that are incompatible with MM2. Here are the instructions to fix it:

  1. Import your Office 365 calendar into a Google Calendar. This will take care of all the previous events of your calendar.
  2. Go to Microsoft Flow and setup a Flow trigger that will create a new event in your Google Calendar whenever an event in Office 365 is created. Here is a guide to help with this task.
  3. Go to Google Calendar and create a private address to use in the calendar module for your Magic Mirror.

This trigger will run every 5 minutes. Make sure to give it time after you create a new event in Office 365 to appear in Google Calendar. Past events will NOT be created using Flow; to do this, follow stop one to import your calendar into Google Calendar.

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