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That MagicMirror core has the ability to send notifications to modules. Or even better: the modules have the possibility to send notifications to other modules. This page tries to create a central overview of

Additional technical information on the notifications can be found in the modules README:

System notifications

The system sends three notifications when starting up. These notifications could come in handy!

Notification Payload Description
ALL_MODULES_STARTED none All modules are started. You can now send notifications to other modules.
DOM_OBJECTS_CREATED none All dom objects are created. The system is now ready to perform visual changes.
MODULE_DOM_CREATED none This module's dom has been fully loaded. You can now access your module's dom objects.

Default module notifications

Notification Payload Description
SHOW_ALERT message details Sent to alert module to show an alert or notification.
HIDE_ALERT none Sent to alert module to hide the current alert or notification.
CALENDAR_EVENTS calendar events Sent by calendar module to inform modules of the calendar events. The currentweather module uses this event to display the weather for the location of an upcoming event.
CURRENTWEATHER_DATA TBC Sent by currentweather module
INDOOR_TEMPERATURE number Sent to currentweather module to show indoor temperature.
INDOOR_HUMIDITY number Sent to currentweather module to show indoor humidity.
ARTICLE_NEXT none Shows the next news title in newsfeed module.
ARTICLE_PREVIOUS none Shows the previous news title in newsfeed module.
ARTICLE_MORE_DETAILS none Shows more details in newsfeed module.
ARTICLE_LESS_DETAILS none Hides the summary or full news article and only displays the news title of the currently viewed news item in newsfeed module.
ARTICLE_TOGGLE_FULL none Toogles article in fullscreen in newsfeed module.

3rd Party Module notifications

Notification Payload Module Description
MMM-google-route/refresh none MMM-google-route Triggers routes refresh. More details
MOTION_DETECTED score MMM-MotionDetector motion detected, score > 0
DEACTIVATE_MONITOR percentageOff MMM-MotionDetector percentage of time the monitor was deactivated since the module started


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