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Two way Mirror Vendors

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Two-way Mirror Vendors

This is a world-wide list of “Two-way Mirror Vendors”. It should be sorted by region, and then country, city/province. It is provided to help people find a vendor in their respective countries or nearby regions.


The vendors shown below are in no way endorsed nor affiliated to the developers of MagicMirror. There are no guarantees to their legibility, and if you have any complaint about them, use the forum and we may remove it from this list.

Region: Australia

Vendor Name Custom Size? Country Comments
MS Glass / GlassKote yes Australia (Victoria only) 2 week turnaround, pickup only

Region: Asia

Vendor Name Custom Size? Country Comments
illegal no Thailand 2-way mirror is illegal here. We're experimenting.

Region: Europe

Vendor Name Custom Size? Country Comments
SKLOMAT yes (Max Size: 315 cm x 220 cm) Czech Republic, Krnov has a slight patina
Stavebni sklo yes (Max Size: 300 cm x 200 cm) Czech Republic, Praha they have 20% transparency even though not listed
Glas Star yes Germany, Bochum
Präzisions Glas & Optik yes Germany, Iserlohn
Spiegel-Shop yes Germany, Kassel
Brigla Glas yes Germany, Rinteln
Glas per Klick no Germany (ships for reasonable price) I got "Oberflächenspiegel - Spionspiegel "Silber" - ca 4mm" 40x60cm for ~70€ which works well
Mirrorworld yes United Kingdom, Manchester
Glas Mueller yes Austria, Frastanz pickup only
Szkło na wymiar yes Poland Max size for transportation: 160x210 cm yes Netherlands, Delft

Region: USA

Vendor Name Custom Size? Country Comments
Two Way Mirrors yes (Max Size: 96″ x 126″) Toledo, Oh USA
Smart Mirror Kits no USA Fulfilled by Amazon (Prime shipping available). MirroPane and MirroView.
TAP Plastics yes (Max Size: ~48″ and ~40" for UPS shipping) US West Coast (CA, OR, WA)