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Voice Related Modules

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This is a table of MM modules that are using various forms of Voice related functionalities. It is primarily meant as a quick guide to find out what what kind of Alexa, Siri and Google Voice like features certain modules has, and/or if it is employing some kind of AI/ML.

Name            = [Name](GitHub URL):
Status          = [ok,stale,broke]  : What is the `Development Status`? ("ok" means maintained with issues & PR's being resolved.)
Latest          = [yyyy-mm-dd]      : The `Latest Commit Date` on the master bransh
CWW?            = [yes/no]          : Does it allow for `Custom Wake Word`? 
AI?             = [yes,no]          : Does it utilize *Artificial Intelligenece* or *Machine Learning*?
Privacy?        = [yes,no]          : Does it share your data and voice recording on internet?
Difficulty      = [easy, medium, hard] : What is the difficulty level or experience needed to use and implement the module?
MM-QA           = [1-5] *stars*     : How does the MM developer community rate the quality of this module? (5 being best) 
Description     = --                : The most important points what the module does and how its better or different from others?

Please add you Voice related module to this table with the info shown above.

Name Status Latest CWW? AI? Privacy? Difficulty MM-Quality Description
MMM-alexa 2016-11-08 npm:
MMM-AlexaPi 2017-03-31
MMM-AssistantMk2 ok 2019-03-26 embedded Google Assistant
MMM-awesome-alexa 2018-03-03 yes yes no medium A hands free Alexa module
MMM-GoogleAssistant ok 2018-02-07 no yes no hard "Ok Google" thing...
MMM-Hello-Mirror stale 2017-03-02 Voice-Control for the MagicMirror based on Google Speech Recognizer (annyang)
MMM-Jarvis-Voice-Control xxxx-xx-xx
MMM-kalliope ok 2018.01.13 yes no yes medium Kalliope is a modular always-on voice controlled personal assistant designed for home automation.More info here
MMM-MirrorMirrorOnTheWall 2017-02-21 uses AWS IoT Device Gateway to receive commands from Alexa. Also need Skill plugin.
MMM-SUSI-AI stale 2017-08-03 ? yes no Snowboy & Bing dependent
MMM-Voice-Control 2017-03-26 yes no no Minimalistic Voice-Control using Googles Annyang. Low MMM support
MMM-voice 2017-06-07 yes no yes Offline Voice Recognition Module using PocketSphinx
alexa-voice-service.js days ago
AlexaPi xxxx-xx-xx
Hello-Lucy ok 2018-03-05 yes no yes Plug-in/enhancement for MMM-voice
MMM-Hotword ok 2018-07-18 Hotword detector with snowboy
magic-mirror-voice xxxx-xx-xx
snowboy xxxx-xx-xx
voicecontrol xxxx-xx-xx
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