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Jessie Lite Installation Guide

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MagicMirror 2 install on a clean Raspbian Jessie Lite installation

First Update your Linux:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

Install Xserver, LXDE-gui and lightdm:

sudo apt-get install xinit xserver-xorg

sudo apt-get install lxde-core

sudo apt-get install lightdm

Let the LXDE-gui autostart:

sudo raspi-config

go to "Boot Options" and change boot to "Desktop" or "Desktop Autologin"

Install git to get the MagicMirror code:

sudo apt-get install git

Install the missing packages:

sudo apt-get install libxss1

sudo apt-get install libnss3

Autohiding the Mouse Cursor with unclutter:

sudo apt-get install unclutter

Get and install MagicMirror with the Automatic Installer:

curl -sL | bash

Go to MagicMirror folder:

cd ~/MagicMirror

Install the app:

npm install

Duplicate config/config.js.sample to config/config.js.

cp config/config.js.sample config/config.js

Go back to root:

cd ..

Rotating the screen and hide Rainbow colored cube:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt

Add the following line:



Auto Starting MagicMirror:

Install PM2 using NPM:

sudo npm install -g pm2

Starting PM2 on Boot:

pm2 startup

PM2 will now show you a command you need to execute.

The code is:

sudo su -c "env PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin pm2 startup linux -u pi --hp /home/pi"

Make a MagicMirror start script:

go back to root:

cd ~

Create the start script:

sudo nano

Add the following lines:

cd ~/MagicMirror

DISPLAY=:0 npm start

Save and close, using the commands CTRL-O and CTRL-X.

Make the shell script executable:

chmod +x

You are now ready to the MagicMirror using this script using PM2.

Starting your MagicMirror with PM2

pm2 start

Alternatively, if you wish to automatically restart MagicMirror when you make config changes, you may want to use:

pm2 start --watch ~/MagicMirror/config/config.js

Enable restarting of the MagicMirror script:

pm2 save

Disable the screensaver:

Go to LXDE-autostart config:

sudo nano /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/autostart

add the following lines:

@xset s noblank @xset s off @xset -dpms

Save and close, using the commands CTRL-O and CTRL-X.

Go to lightdm.conf:

sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

add the following line below [Seat:*]:

xserver-command=X -s 0 -dpms

Reboot the raspberry pi:

sudo reboot

EDIT : If the screensaver doesn't disable, try with the file

/home/pi/.config/lxsession/LXDE/autostart instead of /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE/autostart and reboot after modifications

If PM2 does not start MM on reboot. If you are using PM 2.4.2, you may need to edit the TimeoutStartSec value in /etc/systemd/system/pm2-root.service if using slower based SBC's like the Pi. The default is 8s which is not long enough. Try 15s.

Finish and see the magic!

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