A LaravelPHP package for working w/ Mandrill.
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Mandrill for LaravelPHP

This package is a simple wrapper for working w/ the Mandrill API. The code of the application is based on Scott Travis' Mailchimp Bundle.


In application/bundles.php add:

'mandrill' => array('auto' => true),

Edit the sample config file in bundels/mandrill/config/mandrill.php and input the proper information.


Call the desired method and pass the params as a single array. Don't worry about passing the API key.

$response = Mandrill::request('messages/send', array(
	'message' => array(
		'html' => 'Body of the message.',
		'subject' => 'Subject of the message.',
		'from_email' => 'monkey@somewhere.com',
		'to' => array(array('email'=>'foo@bar.com')),