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Michelle Solon

Sophmore EDP and Applied Computing major

Creative Codes 3701

Exercise 1 (Face): Uses primarily the draw function to make a face with 10 different graphical elements. No addons required

Exercise 2 (AnimationEx2): Creates an interactive animation using mouse and keyboard interactions. No addons required.

Exercise 3: Uses two different addons (ofxGui and ofxbox2d) together to create something. ofxGui and ofxbox2d required.

Project 1 (Fractal Trees): This project generates fractal trees based on the current x, y position of the mouse. It uses a thetha value to spread the branches out. The thetha value is taken from a csv that tracked my CPU temperature. The mouse is hidden when it's on the screen so moving the mouse around will appear to randomly generate the trees on the canvas. The tree's have an alpha value that is also based on mouse x, y; the further down and to the right you get, the more opaque the trees become. The background refresh rate is turned off so the trees stamp themselves over the screen.

Exercise 4 (Vision): Finds and draws your outline on a black background and places images of eyes over your eyes. Needs ofxOpenCV, ofxFaceTracker, ofxCV

Project 2 (Digital Puppet): Similar to exercise 4 but it tracks your whole body and face and face and superimposes images of other people's body parts on your corresponding body part. You need the addons ofxOpenCV, ofxFaceTracker, ofxCv, ofxOsc and ofxKinectV2-OSC and the kinect for Windows


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