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A backend for `mdbook` which will check your links for you.
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MDBook LinkCheck

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A backend for mdbook which will check your links for you. For use alongside the built-in HTML renderer.

Warning: Not 100% complete. May eat your laundry!

Getting Started

First you'll need to install mdbook-linkcheck.

$ cargo install mdbook-linkcheck

Next you'll need to update your book.toml to let mdbook know it needs to use the mdbook-linkcheck backend.

title = "My Awesome Book"
authors = ["Michael-F-Bryan"]



And finally you should be able to run mdbook build like normal and everything should Just Work.

$ mdbook build


The link checker's behaviour can be configured by setting options under the output.linkcheck table in your book.toml.


# Should we check links on the internet? Enabling this option adds a
# non-negligible performance impact
follow-web-links = false

# Are we allowed to link to files outside of the book's root directory? This
# may help prevent linking to sensitive files (e.g. "../../../../etc/shadow")
traverse-parent-directories = false

# If necessary, you can exclude one or more web links from being checked with
# a list of regular expressions
exclude = [ "google\\.com" ]
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