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App Sales allows iPhone and Mac App Store developers to download and analyze their daily and weekly sales reports from iTunes Connect.
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AppSales allows iOS and Mac App Store developers to download and analyze their sales reports from iTunes Connect on the iPhone.


  • Automatic download of daily and weekly sales reports from iTunes Connect
  • Stacked bar graphs to see all your sales at a glance
  • Show your sales on a world map
  • View actual payments by Apple on a calendar
  • Group daily reports by fiscal or calendar month to predict your next payment
  • Automatic conversion to your currency of choice
  • Download customer reviews of your apps
  • Import reports that you downloaded elsewhere (for example with AppViz on your Mac) via iTunes File Sharing
  • Optional push notifications when new reports are available via Boxcar

Please see the screenshot below for a visual guide to AppSales’ main interface and some tips and tricks.


AppSales requires the iOS 4.2 SDK or later.

Because there is no API to access some parts of iTunes Connect, AppSales scrapes This means that even small changes on this website can break some functionality. In most cases, this is easy to fix and I’ll try to make a new version available here. The report download itself uses Apple’s auto-ingestion interface to iTunes Connect and should generally be unaffected by changes to the website.

Push Notifications

Because sales reports are not always available at the same time, I run a web service on Google App Engine to check for new reports every 15 minutes (until the report for the previous day is available).

You can get a push notification when new reports are available with the free Boxcar app. You can install Boxcar and add the AppSales service from the settings (in AppSales).

If AppSales is installed, opening the push notification will automatically trigger the download of new reports but you can also use the push service without AppSales being installed. To do so, install Boxcar and open this link from Safari to add the AppSales service: boxcar://provider/965.

Except for the total number of subscribers, I don’t collect any data with the push service. You can stop receiving notifications at any time by simply removing AppSales from Boxcar.


You can follow me on Twitter for updates on the development: @olemoritz

If you’d like to support this effort, please consider a donation via PayPal or Flattr:

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AppSales screenshot

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