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Cobalt is an object-oriented and functional language that runs on the JVM.

The syntax is similar to languages such as Haskell and Scala.

Main Features

  • Hybrid Language - Functional/Object Oriented
  • Statically typed
  • Focusing on immutability
  • Can be used with other languages on the JVM
  • High readability

Project Contributions

To contribute to the Cobalt project, please send us a pull request from your fork of this repository!
The project is in the alpha stages please get in contact to discuss any large changes and/or features you think would be interesting to include!

Example Code

class ClassName 

    # Define a value (Immutable)
    let value: Int = 10
    # Define a variable (Mutable)
    let mutable variable: Int = 20
    # Define a method
    let method(): Int = 50 
    # Define a method with params (With block of code)
    let methodParams(x: Int, y: Int): Int = do
        if x > 20 then 
        elif x > 10 then 
    # Function assigned to value
    let multiplyBy2 = fun (x: Int) -> x * 2
    # Higher order function
    let multiplyListBy2(list: List[Int]): List[Int] = 
    # Method with a function type as a parameter
    let functionParam(list: List[Int], x: fun Int -> Int): List[Int] =