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+Question2Answer Mailing List Manager 1.0
+Adds your Questions2Answer member email addresses to your []( list so you can effortlessly email your members and track campaigns.
+- Uses the []( API to imports existing members into your list.
+- Automatically subscribe new members.
+- Subscribe new members on creation of account or once they confirm their email.
+- Option to not send out another confirmation request. Useful if you're Q2A install is already doing this.
+1. Create a account, if you haven't already. Please use [my link to sign up]( and we can both earn $30 in rewards. [Details on reward program](
+2. Get your API key from website. [Instructions here](
+3. Get the source code for this [plugin from github](
+4. Create a folder named '**ma-mailing-list-manager**' in the qa-plugin folder and put the downloaded files there.
+5. In your Q2A website, go to **Admin -> Plugins** page and follow instructions on how to enter your API key. Remember to save.
+6. Select a list you created on to import your members into. If you haven't created a list yet, [here are instructions on how to create a list](
+This is **beta** code. It is probably okay for production environments, but may not work exactly as expected. You agree not to hold me responsible for any problems that comes from this code.
+About Q2A
+[Question2Answer]( "") is a free PHP open source platform for Q&A sites.
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