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Posting images, links, and cat gifs will never be the same.


Press This is a redesign of the Press This bookmarklet with a focus on automation and speed. It will have a simplified interface, efficient media upload, content scraping, and site switching.

CAUTION: This is in super early development. Don't use on a production site. There be dragons!


Discussion and updates

Discussion should mainly take place here via Issues or in the #feature-pressthis channel on Slack.

Weekly updates will be posted on

You can see initial planning and discussion at

Development process

Development of this plugin is done on Github. Pull requests welcome.

Don't commit directly to master. Create a new branch per issue you're working on. Then, when ready open a PR for review.

Example branches:


Setting up Grunt (compiles/autoprefixes Sass)

  1. You need to have Sass installed.
  • To check to see if you have it, type sass -v in your terminal.
  • On Mac, type 'gem install sass' in your terminal. If you get an error, try sudo gem install sass instead.
  • You need to have Node.js installed.
  • To check to see if you have it, type node -v in your terminal.
  • Download and install the package here.
  • Navigate to the plugin folder in your terminal.
  • Type npm install, which installs Grunt and the node modules needed.
  • Type grunt, which starts the Watch task and compiles/autoprefixes the Sass when changes are detected.
  • You can exit grunt watch using Control + C



  • Core architecture of the plugin/tools is an as-pure-Javascript app as possible
  • Currently AJAX driven, but ready to be switched to using the WP-API endpoints as they become available
  • Is backward compatible with the current version of the Press This bookmarklet as bundled in WP, but also bring its own, more powerful one with it
  • Can blog any web page found online, blockquoting an excerpt, including a selection of in-page images to choose from. Said images are augmented with meta data to sort them in the order the site advertises to be best
  • Overrides /wp-admin/press-this.php and its behavior, so that we’re 100% backward compatible
  • Overrides the bookmarklet JS code provided in /wp-admin/tools.php
  • Quick featured image switching
  • Saving draft and publishing
  • Image side-loading
  • 3 modes:
  • Direct access: quick post of sort, more to come with media and formatting tools
  • Modal: when accessed via new bookmarklet code: will show in an iframe within the visited page itself
  • Popup: if the currently visited page is SSL but the target install is not, we open Press This in a popup instead. We also do that if the”legacy” bookmarklet code is used. It’s pretty awesome for pressing from your sweet smartphone.
  • Alpha level code


  • Added the start of an admin bar
  • Major code refactoring for easier code reuse and better performance/stability
  • Started backend work on Chrome extension, not functional, but a start
  • Started work on adding/editing/removing a user's different Press This instances
  • Still alpha level code


  • Photo upload (without page reload, and with preview), take 1!
  • Handy field for users to enter a URL to scan for media, if accessed without providing one.
  • Refined algorithm that selects what picts to present as interesting/worthy to the user.
  • Continued work on adding/editing/removing a user's different Press This instances.
  • Major UI/UX improvements.
  • Major backend improvements.
  • Still alpha level code.


  • Dropped the iframe mode to an experimental file devs can play with, now defaulting to popup for better security and less fighting browsers on sameorigin policies.
  • Improved UI/UX: new icons and related behaviors, etc.
  • Better photo selection experience, including when uploading.
  • Ability to dismiss having a photo.
  • Lots of backend work to start moving towards multiple media types and selection.
  • Still alpha level code.

  • PHP compatibility updates: some of our syntax could error on some PP versions.
  • Still alpha level code.

  • Added to make it extra responsive on mobile.
  • Still alpha level code.

  • Improving our github to svn tool flow
  • Still alpha level code.


Posting images, links, and cat gifs will never be the same.






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