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Honey 13.2 SE and Updated Android App

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@MichaelB7 MichaelB7 released this 05 Jun 16:37
· 301 commits to new_honey since this release


13.2.1 Update Reintroduced polybook and adaptive play for Honey SE and the Harmon Chess App Honey engine. Both will accept up to 4 chess opening polybooks, #1 is primary and show be the smallest, once "out of book" in book #1, engine will look into book #2, then #3 and then #4. Obviously Book# 4 should be the largest and widest opening book. Honey and Stockfish were both updated through to today. This includes the memory fix and as well as the latest NNUE which must be downloaded and copied to the nnue folder under the Droidfish folder. See links below for other NNUE nets.

Adaptive play will automatically force the engine to play weaker if it gets ahead. Similar to variety, it is automatically turned off once the total piece count gets to 24 pieces. It can play up to 300 Elo or so weaker, and it can be used in conjunction with variety play which would weaken engine play .by another 75 to 100 Elo. Using both Adaptive Play and Variety together, at an Elo setting of 1300, Honey will play around 900 to 1000 Elo. Elo play is obtained primarily by node count. This also saves on the power consumption. which may be of benefit on an Android device. Adaptive play was designed for beginner/weaker players who find the lowest Elo settings too hard. An average club player will find the Elo settings of 1500 to 1800 with variety turned on to be just about right (with Adaptive off). With variety turned on, you do not need an opening book as it is very unlikely to have repeat games, in the Android App, the internal book is on by default, but it can be turned off. To avoid instant move with the Honey engine, Honey has an engine option to sleep before making its move. It will automatically sleep for the appropriately time give the time control you selected. All of the Elo levels for the Honey engine factor in the time control, so it will search more nodes. as you select a longer time control for a game or if you select a higher elo setting. The default nps for an Android device is set around 500Knps, if your Android device is much slower than 500K/nps, you can adjust the average nps suitable for your device. The Elo settings are on the top left side menu. Adaptive play and Variety settings are in the engines settings.

IMPORTANT Harmon Chess App: Please copy all NNUE nets to the nnue folder under the Droidfish folder. Occasionally on the initial install, you may have to go to the NNUE path directory in the engine settings under the app settings and just select "ok". The telltale sign if this is required is if the engine plays a6 on its first move.
If you have a previous version of the Droidfish or the Harmon Chess app. it must be deleted before you install as it was signed with a new keystore key. This app cannot co-exist with Droidfish as it is directly derived from the Droidfish code as mentioned below. The link below is the current Harmon Chess App source.

13.2.01 Update A couple of fixes, corrected the bench error so one could run "bench 16 1 500 true default default movetime" without getting a nnue network load error. This bench options allows the user to run the bench so that each position is give equal time (as opposed to equal depth, a truer picture of the average nps. The new option "tactical depth" was not working correctly, now fixed. Also, I had noticed the Harmon Chess app source was not fully updated, it is now.

Based on Droidfish by Peter Österlund, the Harmon Chess app is a feature-rich graphical chess user interface, combined with 27 high quality open-source chess engines.
The engine Honey engine was updated, and the true Stockfish engine was added to the Harmon Chess app, both which were updated to take advantage of the new and larger Stockfish NNUE network. In addition, the Honey engine was updated with enhanced human play options - play by node count, play by search depth, play a new and an enhanced variety mode. Honey was totally rebased on the latest SF code. Thanks to the new network, it plays 300 Elo stronger at depth one and the new network greatly increases the quality of variety play as well.

Again deep appreciation and gratitude to the Stockfish Authors, as this would not be possible without them and all of the hard work they do!

Many thanks to Peter Österlund for his Droidfish app. Link to Harmon Chess App source.
This version also includes additional piece sets by the renowned Bryan Whitby a graphical chess piece artist hobbyist.

The Honey and Stockfish engines for this version were designed to be used with this NNUE Net
The free Fat Fritz net is available here

The other Honey engines were designed to be used with this net.

Due to recent changes with the Google Play Store, you may have to turn off Play Store security function under Settings to install if it will not install normally (also you may consider turning developer mode on your Android device). The Harmon chess app must be loaded through the APK method.

Note - the Harmon Chess App **no **longer contains any NNUE nets, they must be copied to the Droidfish/nnue/ folder on your Android device.
There are several net authors who have made compatible NNUE nets available on their websites.

This version of Honey does include some code from Bluefish and will do very well on position tests - no special settings required (use default settings)

Have fun!
Michael Byrne

Source to current Harmon Chess APP: