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Honey 14.1.1 SE - Harmon Chess Update

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@MichaelB7 MichaelB7 released this 24 Dec 17:54
· 57 commits to new_honey since this release


14.1.1 Update (Harmon Chess App Release Only)
The chess source is under the branch "new_honey". The Andorid Droidfish Source will be updated within 30 days , hopefully next week. I will update this release with the link when the source is available.
A new by Play by ELo scheme inspired by the works of others, specifically Tomasz Sobczyk and Joost VandeVondele , please see this thread. The scheme now can can be used with mutillple threads and playing strength does increase as more time is used as multiple threads will speed up the response time.
Incorporates the latest SF changes and net for Bluefish, Harmon, Oki Maguro and Honey. All other engines (including Stockfish) are unchanged from the previous release.

In a previous release we reintroduced polybook and adaptive play for Honey SE and the Harmon Chess App Honey engine. Both will accept up to 4 chess opening polybooks, #1 is primary and show be the smallest, once "out of book" in book #1, engine will look into book #2, then #3 and then #4. Obviously Book# 4 should be the largest and widest opening book.

IMPORTANT Harmon Chess App: Please copy all NNUE nets to the "nnue" folder under the Droidfish folder. Occasionally on the initial install, you may have to go to the NNUE path directory in the engine settings under the app settings and just select "ok". The telltale sign if this is required is if the engine plays a6 on its first move.

Again deep appreciation and gratitude to the Stockfish Authors, as this would not be possible without them and all of the hard work they do!

Many thanks to Peter Österlund for his Droidfish app. Link to Harmon Chess App source.
Incldues additional piece sets by the renowned Bryan Whitby a graphical chess piece artist hobbyist.

The Honey family of engines (includes Bluefish, Harmon and OkiMaguro) were designed to be used with this NNUE Net
The Stockfish engine was designed to be used with this NNUE Net
The free Fat Fritz net is available here

Check prior releases for nets that were issued with other engines
Due to recent changes with the Google Play Store, you may have to turn off Play Store security function under Settings to install if it will not install normally (also you may consider turning developer mode on your Android device). The Harmon chess app must be loaded through the APK method.

Note - the Harmon Chess App **no **longer contains any NNUE nets, they must be copied to the Droidfish/nnue/ folder on your Android device. Please see the engine settings to view the path format and suggested net to use.
There are several net authors who have made compatible NNUE nets available on their websites.

There are no Windows exe's being provided with this release and there will be no other announcement.

Have fun!
Michael Byrne

Source to current Harmon Chess APP: SOURCE NEEDS UPDATING, check back within 30 days