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{spawn, exec} = require 'child_process'
# Tasks
task 'test', 'Run tests', ->
run 'coffee test/'
task 'build', 'Builds the browser version', ->
{readFileSync, writeFileSync} = require('fs')
{compile} = require('coffee-script')
run 'mkdir -p dist'
output = [
readFileSync('lib/narcissus_packed.js', 'utf-8')
compile(readFileSync('lib/', 'utf-8'))
compile(readFileSync('lib/', 'utf-8'))
compile(readFileSync('lib/', 'utf-8'))
combined = output.join("\n")
compressed = pack(combined)
writeFileSync 'dist/js2coffee.js', combined
writeFileSync 'dist/js2coffee.min.js', compressed
console.log '* dist/js2coffee.js'
console.log '* dist/js2coffee.min.js'
# Helpers
run = (cmd, callback, options={}) ->
console.warn "$ #{cmd}" unless options.quiet?
exec cmd, (err, stdout, stderr) ->
callback() if typeof callback == 'function'
console.warn stderr if stderr
console.log stdout if stdout
# Compress JS with simple regexes. (Because common packers
# seem to munge Narcissus badly)
pack = (str) ->
spaces = new RegExp(' *(\n *)+', 'g')
comments = /\/\*(\n|.)*?\*\//g
line_comments = /\/\/.*\n/g
compressed = str
compressed = compressed.replace(comments, " ")
compressed = compressed.replace(line_comments, "\n")
compressed = compressed.replace(spaces, "\n")
task 'doc', 'Builds docs', ->
run "docco lib/"
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