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#lang typed/racket
(require "types.rkt")
(require "simplifier.rkt")
(require (submod pyramid/types ast))
(require pyramid/ast)
(require pyramid/expander)
(require (submod pyramid/expander macros))
(require pyramid/utils)
(require pyramid/io)
(require pyramid/globals)
(provide compile-translation-unit)
Compilation strategy
* Flow control such as break, continue, or return are implemented by creating and calling continuations.
* Expressions always resolve to a result, and can also have an associated location.
** An rvalue is an expression that is compiled to emit a result
** An lvalue is an expression that is compiled to emit a location
** Some expressions such as constants or non-modifying binary operators are not lvalues
** rvalues and lvalues always fit inside a single machine word, simplifying parameter and return passing.
** Rules for converting expression values to rvalues and lvalues:
*** The rvalue of a machine word is that word. The lvalue is the address where such a word is stored.
*** The rvalue and the lvalue of a struct are both pointers. Ceagle does not attempt to generate local bytestrings.
**** However, the rvalue of a struct allocates and copies into a new struct, so the pointers are not equal.
*** The rvalue of a function is the code pointer for it. An lvalue is the address where such a code pointer is stored.
* Variables are always initialized with an rvalue
* Parameters are always passed as rvalues
* Return values are passed as rvalues
Switch Statements
1. Compile a list of all case statements bound to this switch
2. Put them into a table with the constant as key, and a new label as value. default: or breakpoint is the fallback
3. Generate a (cond) from the table. The condition is equality with the case X and the provided switch value. The action is a jump.
4. When compiling default: and case: statements, produce a label deterministically-calculated from the currently active switch and its case: argument.
(module typechecker typed/racket
(require "types.rkt")
(require (submod pyramid/types common))
(require/typed racket/hash
[ hash-union! (-> (HashTable Symbol c-type) (HashTable Symbol c-type) [#:combine/key (-> Symbol c-type c-type c-type)] Void)]
[ hash-union (-> (HashTable Symbol c-type) (HashTable Symbol c-type) [#:combine/key (-> Symbol c-type c-type c-type)] (HashTable Symbol c-type))]
(require pyramid/utils)
(provide (all-defined-out))
(: *struct-registry* (Parameterof TypeRegistry))
(define *struct-registry* (make-parameter (make-type-registry)))
(: *union-registry* (Parameterof TypeRegistry))
(define *union-registry* (make-parameter (make-type-registry)))
(: *type-registry* (Parameterof TypeRegistry))
(define *type-registry* (make-parameter (make-type-registry)))
(: *variables* (Parameterof variable-table))
(define *variables* (make-parameter (make-variable-table)))
(: unsafe-register-type! (-> Symbol c-type c-typespace Void))
(define (unsafe-register-type! name ty typespace)
(hash-set! (typespace-registry typespace)
(: register-type! (-> Symbol c-type c-typespace Void))
(define (register-type! name ty typespace)
(maybe-register-type! ty)
(unsafe-register-type! name ty typespace))
(: register-variable! (-> Symbol c-type Void))
(define (register-variable! name ty)
(maybe-register-type! ty)
(hash-set! (*variables*) name ty))
(: typespace-registry (-> c-typespace TypeRegistry))
(define (typespace-registry ty)
(match ty
[#f (*type-registry*)]
['struct (*struct-registry*)]
['union (*union-registry*)]
(define-syntax-rule (declare-variable-scope xs ...)
(parameterize ([ *variables* (hash-copy (*variables*)) ])
xs ...))
; register-type! handles typedefs. This handles "struct x { } => struct x;" associations.
(: maybe-register-type! (-> c-type Void))
(define (maybe-register-type! ty)
(match ty
[(struct c-type-fixed _) (void)]
[(struct c-type-struct (name _)) (when name (unsafe-register-type! name ty 'struct))]
[(struct c-type-union (name _)) (when name (unsafe-register-type! name ty 'union))]
[(struct c-type-alias _) (void)]
[(struct c-signature (ret args)) (maybe-register-type! ret)
(for ([ arg args])
(maybe-register-type! (c-sigvar-type arg))
[(struct c-type-void _) (void)]
[(struct c-type-pointer (ty)) (maybe-register-type! ty)]
(: resolve-type (-> c-type c-type))
(define (resolve-type ty)
(match ty
[(struct c-type-alias (name typespace)) (resolve-type (hash-ref (typespace-registry typespace)
(λ () (error "resolve-type: Unknown type" name typespace))))]
[_ ty]
(: type-field-table (-> c-type FieldTable))
(define (type-field-table ty)
(match (resolve-type ty)
[(struct c-type-fixed _) (make-field-table)]
[(struct c-type-alias _) (error "type-field-table: Unexpected case" ty)]
[(struct c-type-struct (_ fs)) (struct-fields->field-table fs)]
[(struct c-type-pointer _) (make-field-table)]
[(struct c-type-union (_ fs)) (union-fields->field-table fs)]
[x (error "type-field-table: Unknown case" x)]
(: union-fields->field-table (-> c-type-struct-fields FieldTable))
(define (union-fields->field-table fs)
(define ret (make-field-table))
(define size (fields-max-size fs))
(for ([ f fs ])
(match (c-type-struct-field-name f)
[#f (error "union-fields->field-table: Nested anonymous unions not supported" f)]
[(? symbol? name) (hash-set! ret name (c-field-info 0 (c-type-struct-field-type f)))]
(: struct-fields->field-table (-> c-type-struct-fields FieldTable))
(define (struct-fields->field-table fs)
(define ret (make-field-table))
(define os 0)
(for ([ f fs ])
(let* ([ ty (c-type-struct-field-type f) ]
[ name (c-type-struct-field-name f) ]
[ size (type-size ty)]
[ fi (c-field-info os ty)])
(match* (name ty)
[(#f (struct c-type-union (_ fs2)))
(for ([ f2 fs2])
(let* ([ name2 (c-type-struct-field-name f2) ]
[ ty2 (c-type-struct-field-type f2)]
[ fi2 (c-field-info os ty2)])
(if name2
(hash-set! ret name2 fi2)
(error "struct-fields->field-table: Nested anonymous unions not supported" f2))))]
[(#f _) (error "struct-fields->field-table: Only unions can be unnamed struct memebers" f)]
[((? symbol? name) _) (hash-set! ret name fi)]
(set! os (+ os size))
(: expression-type (-> c-expression c-type))
(define (expression-type exp)
(define macro-type (c-signature t-uint '()))
(match exp
[(struct c-const (_ signed?)) (if signed? t-int t-uint)]
[(struct c-variable (name)) (hash-ref (*variables*) name (λ () (error "expression-type: Unknown variable" name (*variables*))))]
[(struct c-ternary (_ cons _)) (expression-type cons)]
[(struct c-binop (_ left _)) (expression-type left)]
[(struct c-unop ('* exp))
(match (expression-type exp)
[(struct c-type-pointer (x)) x]
[ty (error "expression-type: Attempted to dereference a non-pointer" ty exp)])]
[(struct c-unop (_ exp)) (expression-type exp)]
[(struct c-function-call (func _))
(match (expression-type func)
[(struct c-signature (ret _)) ret]
[_ (error "expression-type: Unknown function call" func)]
[(struct c-field-access (source name))
(define src-ty (expression-type source))
(define ft (type-field-table src-ty))
(define fi (hash-ref ft name (λ () (error "expression-type: No field with name found" source name ft))))
(c-field-info-type fi)
[(struct c-cast (ty _)) ty]
[(struct c-sizeof (x)) t-size]
[(struct c-array-access (arr idx)) (match (expression-type arr)
[(struct c-type-pointer (ty)) ty]
[ty (error "expression-type: An array should be a pointer" ty)])]
[(struct c-expression-sequence (exps)) (expression-type (last exps))]
[(struct c-expression-array (exps)) (expression-type (first exps))]
[_ (error "expression-type: Unhandled case" exp)]
(: pointer-expression? (-> c-expression Boolean))
(define (pointer-expression? x)
(c-type-pointer? (expression-type x)))
; Size in bytes of the type
(: type-size (-> c-type Size))
(define (type-size x)
(match (resolve-type x)
[(struct c-type-fixed (_ bytes)) 32 ];bytes]
[(struct c-type-struct (_ fields)) (for/sum : Size ([ field fields ])
(type-size (c-type-struct-field-type field)))]
[(struct c-signature _) 32]
[(struct c-type-pointer _) 32]
[(struct c-type-union (_ fields)) (fields-max-size fields)]
[(struct c-signature _) 32 ]
[_ (error "type-size: Unknown case" x)]
(: pad-size (-> Size Size))
(define (pad-size x)
(+ x (modulo x 32)))
(: fields-max-size (-> c-type-struct-fields Size))
(define (fields-max-size fields)
(apply max (map (λ ([x : c-type-struct-field ])
(type-size (c-type-struct-field-type x)))
(require 'typechecker)
(module* test racket
(require rackunit)
(require "types.rkt")
(require (submod ".."))
(require (submod ".." typechecker))
(check-equal? (expression-type (c-binop '<< (c-const 1 #t) (c-const 1 #t))) t-int)
(check-equal? (expression-type (c-binop '<< (c-const 1 #f) (c-const 1 #t))) t-uint)
(parameterize ([ *variables* (make-variable-table) ])
(register-variable! 'f (c-signature t-uint '()))
(check-equal? (expression-type (c-function-call (c-variable 'f) '())) t-uint)
(: *switch-counter* (Parameterof Counter))
(define *switch-counter* (make-parameter 0))
(: *switch-base* (Parameterof Counter))
(define *switch-base* (make-parameter 0))
(: *current-function* (Parameterof Symbol))
(define *current-function* (make-parameter 'TOPLEVEL))
(: compile-translation-unit (-> c-unit Boolean Pyramid))
(define (compile-translation-unit x execute?)
(verbose-section "Ceagle AST" VERBOSITY-LOW
(pretty-print x))
(set! x (simplify x))
(destruct c-unit x)
(verbose-section "Ceagle Simplified AST" VERBOSITY-MEDIUM
(pretty-print x))
(let ([ decls (pyr-begin (map compile-declaration x-decls)) ]
[ call-main (c-function-call (c-variable 'main) (list))])
`(begin (require ceagle "builtins.pmd")
,(if execute?
(quasiquote-pyramid `(%#-box ,(compile-expression call-main 'rvalue)))
(pyr-begin null))))))
(: compile-declaration (-> c-declaration Pyramid))
(define (compile-declaration x)
(match x
[(struct c-decl-var _) (compile-decl-var x)]
[(struct c-decl-type _) (compile-decl-type x)]
[(struct c-decl-func _) (compile-decl-func x)]
[_ (error "compile-decl: unknown case" x)]))
(: compile-decl-var (-> c-decl-var Pyramid))
(define (compile-decl-var x)
(destruct c-decl-var x)
(register-variable! x-name x-type)
(make-macro-application #`(#,(variable-definer x-type) #,x-name #,(shrink-pyramid
(if x-init
(compile-expression x-init 'rvalue)
(compile-default-initializer x-type)))))
(: variable-definer (-> c-type PyramidQ))
(define (variable-definer ty)
(match (resolve-type ty)
[(struct c-type-fixed _) #'%c-define-fixnum]
[(struct c-type-struct _) #'%c-define-struct]
[(struct c-type-pointer _) #'%c-define-pointer]
[(struct c-type-union _) #'%c-define-union]
[ty (error "variable_definer: Unhandled case" ty)]))
(: compile-default-initializer (-> c-type Pyramid))
(define (compile-default-initializer ty)
(match (resolve-type ty)
[(struct c-type-fixed _) (expand-pyramid #'(unbox 0))]
[(struct c-type-struct _) (expand-pyramid #`(%c-allocate-struct #,(type-size ty)))]
[(struct c-type-union _) (expand-pyramid #`(%c-allocate-struct #,(type-size ty)))]
(: compile-decl-type (-> c-decl-type Pyramid))
(define (compile-decl-type x)
(destruct c-decl-type x)
(register-type! x-name x-type #f)
(pyr-begin (list)))
(: compile-decl-func (-> c-decl-func Pyramid))
(define (compile-decl-func x)
(destruct c-decl-func x)
(destruct c-signature x-sig)
(: sigvar-init (-> c-sigvar VariableName))
(define (sigvar-init v) (symbol-append (c-sigvar-name v)
(: vars VariableNames)
(define vars (map sigvar-init x-sig-args))
(register-variable! x-name x-sig)
(define args (for/list : Pyramids ([ arg x-sig-args ])
(define arg-name (c-sigvar-name arg))
(define arg-type (c-sigvar-type arg))
(register-variable! arg-name arg-type)
(make-macro-application #`(#,(variable-definer arg-type) #,arg-name #,(sigvar-init arg)))))
(pyr-definition x-name
(pyr-lambda vars
`(begin ,@args
(compile-statement x-body))))))))
(: compile-statement (-> c-statement Pyramid))
(define (compile-statement x)
(match x
[(? c-labeled?) (compile-labeled x)]
[(? c-labeled-case?) (compile-labeled-case x)]
[(? c-labeled-default?) (compile-labeled-default x)]
[(? c-expression-statement?) (compile-expression (c-expression-statement-exp x) 'rvalue)]
[(? c-switch?) (compile-switch x)]
[(? c-if?) (compile-if x)]
[(? c-for?) (compile-for x)]
[(? c-while?) (compile-while x)]
[(? c-do-while?) (compile-do-while x)]
[(? c-goto?) (compile-goto x)]
[(? c-block?) (compile-block x)]
[(? c-return?) (compile-return x)]
[(? c-break?) (compile-break x)]
[(? c-continue?) (compile-continue x)]
[(? c-declaration?) (compile-declaration x)]
[_ (error "compile-statement: Unknown case" x)]))
(: compile-labeled (-> c-labeled Pyramid))
(define (compile-labeled x)
(destruct c-labeled x)
#`(begin (asm (label (quote #,x-name)))
#,(shrink-pyramid (compile-statement x-body)))))
(: compile-labeled-statement (-> label c-statement Pyramid))
(define (compile-labeled-statement lbl stmt)
#`(begin (asm (label (quote #,(label-name lbl))))
#,(shrink-pyramid (compile-statement stmt))))
(: compile-labeled-case (-> c-labeled-case Pyramid))
(define (compile-labeled-case x)
(compile-labeled-statement (switch-case-label x)
(c-labeled-case-body x))
(: compile-labeled-default (-> c-labeled-default Pyramid))
(define (compile-labeled-default x)
(compile-labeled-statement (switch-default-label x)
(c-labeled-default-body x))
(: compile-expression (-> c-expression c-value-type Pyramid))
(define (compile-expression x val-ty)
(match x
[(? c-const?) (compile-const x val-ty)]
[(? c-variable?) (compile-variable x val-ty)]
[(? c-ternary?) (compile-ternary x val-ty)]
[(? c-binop?) (compile-binop x val-ty)]
[(? c-unop?) (compile-unop x val-ty)]
[(? c-function-call?) (compile-function-call x val-ty)]
[(? c-field-access?) (compile-field-access x val-ty)]
[(? c-cast?) (compile-cast x val-ty)]
[(? c-array-access?) (compile-array-access x val-ty)]
[(? c-expression-sequence?) (compile-expression-sequence x val-ty)]
[(? c-expression-array?) (compile-expression-array x val-ty)]
[_ (error "compile-expression: Unknown case" x)]))
(: compile-const (-> c-const c-value-type Pyramid))
(define (compile-const x val-ty)
(expression-type x)
(match val-ty
['lvalue (error "compile-const: A constant cannot be an lvalue" x)]
['rvalue (if (string? (c-const-value x))
(expand-pyramid #`(box #,(c-const-value x)))
(expand-pyramid #`(unbox #,(c-const-value x))))]
(: compile-variable (-> c-variable c-value-type Pyramid))
(define (compile-variable x val-ty)
(define exp (pyr-variable (c-variable-name x)))
(define exp-ty (resolve-type (expression-type x)))
(define size (expand-pyramid #`(unbox #,(type-size exp-ty))))
(match* (val-ty exp-ty)
[('rvalue (struct c-signature _)) exp]
[('rvalue (struct c-type-fixed _)) (quasiquote-pyramid `(%c-word-read ,exp))]
[('rvalue (struct c-type-struct _))
`(let ([ copy (%c-allocate-struct ,size)])
(%c-struct-copy ,size ,exp copy)))]
[('rvalue (struct c-type-pointer _)) (quasiquote-pyramid `(%c-word-read ,exp))]
[('rvalue (struct c-type-union _))
`(let ([ copy (%c-allocate-struct ,size)])
(%c-struct-copy ,size ,exp copy)))]
[('lvalue (struct c-type-fixed _)) exp]
[('lvalue (struct c-type-struct _)) exp]
[('lvalue (struct c-type-union _)) exp]
[('lvalue (struct c-type-pointer (ptr-ty))) exp]
[(_ _) (error "compile-variable: Unhandled case" val-ty exp-ty)]
(: compile-ternary (-> c-ternary c-value-type Pyramid))
(define (compile-ternary x val-ty)
(destruct c-ternary x)
(pyr-if (compile-expression x-pred 'rvalue)
(compile-expression x-consequent val-ty)
(compile-expression x-alternative val-ty)))
(: compile-binop (-> c-binop c-value-type Pyramid))
(define (compile-binop x val-ty)
(destruct c-binop x)
(define vop (assign-op->value-op x-op))
(define ty (resolve-type (expression-type x)))
(define (struct? _) (c-type-struct? ty))
(match x-op
['+ (compile-binop (c-binop 'raw+
(c-binop '* x-left
(c-const (type-increment-size (expression-type x-left)) #t))
(c-binop '* x-right
(c-const (type-increment-size (expression-type x-right)) #t)))
['- (compile-binop (c-binop 'raw-
(c-binop '* x-left
(c-const (type-increment-size (expression-type x-left)) #t))
(c-binop '* x-right
(c-const (type-increment-size (expression-type x-right)) #t)))
[(and '= (? struct?)) (quasiquote-pyramid
`(%#-memcpy ,(compile-expression x-left 'lvalue)
,(compile-expression x-right 'rvalue)
,(expand-pyramid #`(unbox #,(type-size (expression-type x-left))))))]
[ _
(let* ([ signed? (expression-signed? x) ]
[ rvalue-exp (quasiquote-pyramid
`(,(op->builtin x-op signed?)
,(compile-expression x-left 'rvalue)
,(compile-expression x-right 'rvalue)))])
(if vop ; vop is only true if x-op was an assignment
`(let ([ value ,(compile-binop (c-binop vop x-left x-right) 'rvalue)])
(begin (%c-word-write! ,(compile-expression x-left 'lvalue)
; x+1 on a T pointer increases the word in x by sizeof(T).
(: type-increment-size (-> c-type Size))
(define (type-increment-size ty)
(match (resolve-type ty)
[(struct c-type-pointer (ty2)) (type-size ty2)]
[(struct c-type-fixed _) 1]
(: compile-unop (-> c-unop c-value-type Pyramid))
(define (compile-unop x val-ty)
(destruct c-unop x)
(define rvalue-exp (pyr-application (op->builtin x-op #f)
(list (compile-expression x-exp 'rvalue))
(define (wants-old?)
(match x-op
['post++ #t]
['post-- #t]
['pre++ #f]
['pre-- #f]
(define ty (expression-type x))
(match x-op
['& (compile-expression x-exp 'lvalue)]
['* (compile-dereference x-exp val-ty)]
['- (compile-expression (c-binop '- (c-const 0 #t) x-exp) val-ty)]
['+ (compile-expression x-exp val-ty)]
['pre++ (compile-expression (c-binop '+= x-exp (c-const 1 #t)) val-ty)]
['pre-- (compile-expression (c-binop '-= x-exp (c-const 1 #t)) val-ty)]
(assert (equal? val-ty 'rvalue))
`(let* ([ old ,(compile-expression x-exp 'rvalue) ])
,(compile-expression (c-binop '+= x-exp (c-const 1 #t)) 'rvalue)
(assert (equal? val-ty 'rvalue))
`(let* ([ old ,(compile-expression x-exp 'rvalue) ])
,(compile-expression (c-binop '-= x-exp (c-const 1 #t)) 'rvalue)
[_ rvalue-exp]
(: compile-dereference (-> c-expression c-value-type Pyramid))
(define (compile-dereference exp ty)
(define rval (compile-expression exp 'rvalue))
(assert exp pointer-expression?)
(match ty
['lvalue rval]
['rvalue (quasiquote-pyramid `(%c-word-opdereference ,rval))]
(: compile-function-call (-> c-function-call c-value-type Pyramid))
(define (compile-function-call x val-ty)
(destruct c-function-call x)
(match val-ty
['lvalue (error "compile-function-call: Function calls cannot be lvalues" x)]
['rvalue (quasiquote-pyramid
`(,(compile-expression x-func 'rvalue)
,@(map (λ ([ x : c-expression ])
(compile-expression x 'rvalue))
(: compile-field-access (-> c-field-access c-value-type Pyramid))
(define (compile-field-access x val-ty)
(destruct c-field-access x)
(define ty (expression-type x-source))
(define field-table (type-field-table ty))
(define info (hash-ref field-table x-name (λ () (error "compile-field-access: Field not found" (resolve-type ty) x field-table))))
(destruct c-field-info info)
(define ptr-exp
`(%c-struct-field ,(compile-expression x-source 'lvalue)
,(pyr-const info-offset #f)
,(pyr-const (type-size info-type) #f))))
(match val-ty
['lvalue ptr-exp]
['rvalue (quasiquote-pyramid `(%c-word-read ,ptr-exp))]
(: compile-cast (-> c-cast c-value-type Pyramid))
(define (compile-cast x val-ty)
(destruct c-cast x)
(compile-expression x-exp val-ty)
(: compile-array-access (-> c-array-access c-value-type Pyramid))
(define (compile-array-access x val-ty)
(destruct c-array-access x)
(assert (equal? val-ty 'rvalue)) ; TODO: lvalue
`(%#-mem-read ,(compile-expression x-array 'rvalue) ,(compile-expression x-index 'rvalue)))
(: compile-expression-sequence (-> c-expression-sequence c-value-type Pyramid))
(define (compile-expression-sequence x val-ty)
(destruct c-expression-sequence x)
`(begin ,@(map (λ ([ exp : c-expression ])
(compile-expression exp val-ty))
(: compile-expression-array (-> c-expression-array c-value-type Pyramid))
(define (compile-expression-array x val-ty)
(destruct c-expression-array x)
(assert (equal? val-ty 'rvalue))
`(%#-mem-alloc-init (%#-* %#-WORD ,(pyr-const (length x-exps) #f))
,@(map (λ ([ exp : c-expression ])
(compile-expression exp 'rvalue))
; See "Switch Statements"
(: compile-switch (-> c-switch Pyramid))
(define (compile-switch sw)
(define-values (cases default) (switch-labels sw))
(define label-after (make-label 'switch-after))
(: jump (-> label Pyramid))
(define (jump lbl) (expand-pyramid #`(asm (goto (label (quote #,(label-name lbl)))))))
(: make-condition-entry (-> c-labeled-case Pyramid))
(define (make-condition-entry c)
(define cond-expr (c-labeled-case-expected c))
`((,(compile-expression cond-expr 'rvalue)) ,(jump (switch-case-label c))))
(: make-jump-table (-> c-labeled-cases (Maybe c-labeled-default) Pyramids))
(define (make-jump-table cases default)
(append (map make-condition-entry cases)
(list (quasiquote-pyramid `(else ,(if default
(jump (switch-default-label default))
(expand-pyramid #'(break 0))))))))
`(begin (%c-case ,(compile-expression (c-switch-actual sw) 'rvalue)
,@(make-jump-table cases default))
,(compile-statement (c-switch-body sw)))))
(: switch-labels (-> c-switch (Values c-labeled-cases (Maybe c-labeled-default))))
(define (switch-labels x)
(: cases c-labeled-cases)
(define cases null)
(: default (Maybe c-labeled-default))
(define default #f)
(: register-case! (-> c-labeled-case Void))
(define (register-case! x) (set! cases (cons x cases)))
(: register-default! (-> c-labeled-default Void))
(define (register-default! x) (set! default x))
(for ([ y (c-stmt-descendants x #:stop-on? c-switch?)])
(match y
[(struct c-labeled-case (expected body)) (register-case! y)]
[(struct c-labeled-default (body)) (register-default! y)]
[_ (void)]
(values cases default)
(: cvalue->symbol (-> CValue Symbol))
(define (cvalue->symbol cv)
(match cv
[(? integer?) (string->symbol (format "~v" cv))]
(: switch-case-label (-> c-labeled-case label))
(define (switch-case-label c)
(destruct c-labeled-case c)
(match c-expected
[(struct c-const (cv _))
(label (symbol-append 'switch-case-
(cvalue->symbol (*switch-base*))
(cvalue->symbol cv)))]
[(struct c-variable (name))
(label (symbol-append 'switch-case-
(cvalue->symbol (*switch-base*))
(: switch-default-label (-> c-labeled-default label))
(define (switch-default-label x)
(destruct c-labeled-default x)
(label (symbol-append 'switch-default-
(cvalue->symbol (*switch-base*))))
; (: with-switch-base (-> (-> Pyramid) Pyramid))
(define-syntax-rule (with-switch-base body ...)
(parameterize ([ *switch-base* (tick-counter! *switch-counter*)])
body ...))
(: c-stmt-children (-> c-statement c-statements))
(define (c-stmt-children x)
(match x
[(struct c-labeled (_ st)) (list st)]
[(struct c-labeled-case (_ st)) (list st)]
[(struct c-labeled-default (st)) (list st)]
[(struct c-expression-statement _) (list)]
[(struct c-switch (_ st)) (list st)]
[(struct c-if (_ st1 st2)) (list st1 st2)]
[(struct c-for (_ _ _ st)) (list st)]
[(struct c-while (_ st)) (list st)]
[(struct c-do-while (_ st)) (list st)]
[(struct c-goto _) (list)]
[(struct c-block (sts)) sts]
[(struct c-return _) (list)]
[(struct c-break _) (list)]
[(struct c-continue _) (list)]
(: c-stmt-descendants (-> c-statement [#:stop-on? (-> c-statement Boolean)] c-statements))
(define (c-stmt-descendants x #:stop-on? [ stop-on? (λ (x) #f)])
(cons x (apply append (map (λ ([ st : c-statement ])
(if (stop-on? st)
(c-stmt-descendants st #:stop-on? stop-on?)))
(c-stmt-children x)))))
(: compile-if (-> c-if Pyramid))
(define (compile-if x)
(destruct c-if x)
(pyr-if (compile-expression x-pred 'rvalue)
(compile-statement x-consequent)
(compile-statement x-alternative)
(: compile-for (-> c-for Pyramid))
(define (compile-for x)
(destruct c-for x)
(define init (map compile-declaration x-init))
(define post (if x-post
(compile-expression x-post 'rvalue)
(expand-pyramid #'(begin))))
(define pred (if x-pred
(compile-expression x-pred 'rvalue)
(expand-pyramid #'#t)))
`(begin ,@init
`(if ,pred
(begin ,(compile-statement x-body)
(continue 0))
(break 0)))))))))
(: compile-while (-> c-while Pyramid))
(define (compile-while x)
(destruct c-while x)
(compile-for (c-for '() x-pred #f x-body)))
(: compile-do-while (-> c-do-while Pyramid))
(define (compile-do-while x)
(destruct c-do-while x)
`(begin ,(compile-statement x-body)
(if ,(compile-expression x-pred 'rvalue)
(continue 0)
(break #f)))))))))
(: compile-goto (-> c-goto Pyramid))
(define (compile-goto x)
(compile-jump (c-goto-target x)))
(: compile-block (-> c-block Pyramid))
(define (compile-block x)
; TODO: This likely doesn't handle gotos between blocks, since the lambda creates a new continuation frame.
`((λ ()
,(compile-c-sequence (c-block-body x))
(: compile-return (-> c-return Pyramid))
(define (compile-return x)
(destruct c-return x)
(match x-val
[ #f (quasiquote-pyramid `(return 0))]
[ (? c-expression? val) (quasiquote-pyramid `(return ,(compile-expression val 'rvalue)))]
(: compile-break (-> c-break Pyramid))
(define (compile-break x)
(expand-pyramid #'(break #f)))
(: compile-continue (-> c-continue Pyramid))
(define (compile-continue x)
(expand-pyramid #'(continue #f)))
(: compile-c-sequence (-> c-statements Pyramid))
(define (compile-c-sequence xs)
(match (map compile-statement xs)
[(? null?) (pyr-begin (list))]
[(list y ) y]
[ys (pyr-begin ys)]))
(: compile-jump (-> Symbol Pyramid))
(define (compile-jump x)
#`(asm (goto (label (quote #,x))))))
;; (: make-c-label (-> Symbol c-label))
;; (define (make-c-label name)
;; (c-labeled (make-label-name name)))
(: with-escapepoint (-> Symbol Pyramid Pyramid))
(define (with-escapepoint name exp)
(expand-pyramid #`(call/cc (λ (#,name) #,(shrink-pyramid exp)))))
(: with-returnpoint (-> Pyramid Pyramid))
(define (with-returnpoint exp)
(with-escapepoint 'return exp))
(: with-continuepoint (-> Pyramid Pyramid))
(define (with-continuepoint exp)
(with-escapepoint 'continue exp))
(: with-breakpoint (-> Pyramid Pyramid))
(define (with-breakpoint exp)
(with-escapepoint 'break exp))
(: assign-op->value-op (-> Symbol (U #f Symbol)))
(define (assign-op->value-op op)
(match op
['<<= '<<]
['>>= '>>]
['+= '+]
['-= '-]
['*= '*]
['/= '/]
['%= '%]
['\|\|= '\|\|]
['\|= '\|]
['^= '^]
['&&= '&&]
['&= '&]
['= 'right]
[_ #f]
(: op->builtin (-> Symbol Boolean Pyramid))
(define (op->builtin op signed?)
(define rvalue-op
(match op
[(? assign-op->value-op x) x]
['< (if signed? 's< 'u<)]
['> (if signed? 's> 'u>)]
['<= (if signed? 's<= 'u<=)]
['>= (if signed? 's>= 'u>=)]
[_ op]))
(pyr-variable (symbol-append '%c-word-op rvalue-op))
(: assign-ops (Setof Symbol))
;(define assign-ops (set))
(define assign-ops (apply set '(<<= >>= += -= *= /= %= \|\|= \|= ^= &&= &= =)))
(: wants-lvalue? (-> Symbol Boolean))
(define (wants-lvalue? op)
(set-member? assign-ops op))
(: register-builtins! (-> Void))
(define (register-builtins!)
(register-variable! '__builtin_set_test_result (c-signature (c-type-void) (list (c-sigvar 'expected t-int))))
(register-variable! '__builtin_ctzll (c-signature t-int (list (c-sigvar 'x t-int))))
(register-variable! '__builtin_clzll (c-signature t-int (list (c-sigvar 'x t-int))))
(register-variable! '__builtin_bswap64 (c-signature t-int (list (c-sigvar 'x t-int))))
(register-variable! '__builtin_trap (c-signature (c-type-void) (list (c-sigvar 'x t-int))))
(register-variable! '__builtin_print_word (c-signature (c-type-void) (list (c-sigvar 'x t-int))))
(register-variable! '__builtin_print_string (c-signature (c-type-void) (list (c-sigvar 'x t-int))))
(register-variable! '__builtin_print_char (c-signature (c-type-void) (list (c-sigvar 'x t-char))))
(register-variable! '__builtin_set_max_iterations (c-signature t-int (list (c-sigvar 'x t-int))))
(register-variable! '__builtin_set_max_simulator_memory (c-signature t-int (list (c-sigvar 'x t-int))))
(: type-signed? (-> c-type Boolean))
(define (type-signed? x)
(match (resolve-type x)
[(struct c-type-fixed (signed? _)) signed?]
[(struct c-type-pointer _) #f]
[y (error "type-signed?: Unable to determine signedness of type" y)]
(: expression-signed? (-> c-expression Boolean))
(define (expression-signed? x)
(type-signed? (expression-type x))
; A 64-bit integer needs to be restricted to the 64 bits after a 256-bit addition or similar is performed.
(: restrict-output-range (-> c-type Pyramid Pyramid))
(define (restrict-output-range ty x)
(match (resolve-type ty)
[(struct c-type-fixed (_ 32)) x]
[(struct c-type-fixed (signed? sz)) (make-macro-application
#`(%c-restrict-bytes #,(shrink-pyramid x) (unbox #,sz) #,signed?))]
[_ x]