Package manager for Chrome OS
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Package manager for Chrome OS


Chromebooks with Chrome OS run a linux kernel - the only missing piece to use them as full-featured linux distro was gcc and make with their dependencies. Well, the piece isn't missing anymore. Say hello to chromebrew!


Download and run the installation script

wget -q -O - | bash


sudo crew <command> <package> <keep[temporary files]>

Where available commands are:

  • search [looks for a package]
  • download [downloads a package to CREW_BREW_DIR (/usr/local/tmp/crew by default), but doesn't install it]
  • install [installs a package along with its dependencies. You'll be prompted for confirmation, must be ran as root]
  • remove [removes a package. Must be ran as root]

Available packages are listed in the packages directory.

Chromebrew will wipe its BREW_DIR (/usr/local/tmp/crew by default) after installation unless you pass "keep" as the last parameter when running "crew install".

crew install <package> keep


Copyright 2013 Michal Siwek

This project including all of its source files is released under the terms of GNU General Public License (version 3 or later)