@MichaelFedora MichaelFedora released this Feb 6, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release

We're actually ahead of the Blockstack (PBC) browser in one feature now! Association tokens have been implemented so now you can use private (whitelisted) Gaia Hubs!


  • implemented <all_urls> checking - unfortunately the extension has to monitor all the urls/webpages you go to now because some of the requests to browser.blockstack.org/auth?authRequest=<> didn't show up anymore. On the plus side, the extension works again (and if you don't trust me -- check my code).
  • updated deps & blockstack.js typings
  • Added association tokens to authentication - this now means you can use private Gaia Hubs now, yay! 🎉
  • (hidden change): your configuration for the core node is now passed to apps so they should prefer to use it too

Known issues:

Using an account with a name that has its profile.json in another Gaia Hub then the one you have configured will make it break. In simpler words: don't use an account that has a pre-existing username on it.

Also note that if you change Gaia Hubs your data will be left on the old one -- you won't be able to access it from the new Gaia Hub and will have to "switch back" if you want to access it.

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