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Simple orbital calculations in a haskell program

Supported functions


Get the universal gravitational constant

semiMajorAxis r1 r2

Calculate the semi major axis of an orbit given an apsis and periapsis (r1, r2)

auToKilometres au

Convert value of au (astronomical unit) to more general kilometres

velocityAt r r1 r2 m

Velocity at a given point (radius r) around object with mass (M) along with apsis and periapsis (r1, r2)

orbitalPeriod r1 r2 m

Calculate the orbital period of an object with mass (m) along with apsis and periapsis (r1, r2)

escapeVelocity r m

Calculate the escape velocity of an object given the mass of the central object (m) and distance from it's centre (r)

eccentricity r1 r2

Calculate the orbital eccentricity of an object given the apsis and periapsis (r1, r2)

incliation h hz

Calculate the inclination of an orbit given the Orbital Momentum Vector (h) and the z component of h (hz)

How to use it

  • Download the Haskell platform from
  • Run the source.hs file using GHCI
  • Type the name of function you wish to call with parameters separated by spaces
prelude> semiMajorAxis 1203001 38340009