This is an example Core Repo based on my PuppetServer Setup at and core repo at
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This is an example Core Repository with some additional configuration options. I wanted to start providing additional examples for people to look at in addition to the blog post HERE. I'm going to continue to expand this with examples as I begin to refactor our Puppet Environment next year.

This repository is best used when your computer is tagged with the computer role "development". This can be done by running:

sudo mkdir -p /etc/facter/facts.d
sudo nano /etc/facter/facts.d/computer_role.yaml

Now Paste the following inside of computer_role.yaml

computer_role: "development"

This will do the following on the computer:

  • Create a user named "testuser" with password "test" and uid "900" with admin privileges.
  • Enable ARD Remote Management for testuser
  • Enable SSH for testuser
  • Apply a default dock
  • Install a printer (must have HP drivers installed)
  • Set a loginwindow message
  • Configure puppet and automatically run it using puppet_run module
  • Hide "Puppet" user
  • Disable the Guest User
  • Enable Fast User Switching
  • Allow users to access the following settings in System Preferences:
    • Energy Saver
    • Date/Time
    • Time Machine
    • Printers
    • DVD Region Initialization
  • Allow everyone access to lpadmin (allows user to un-pause printers)