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Hotkeys aren't working/Hotkeys only work when I'm using the app. How do I fix this?

First, make sure that you didn't accidentally turn it off - go to the Hotkey preferences (see "How do I set hotkeys"), and make sure that "Enable Global Hotkeys" is checked. You'll need to fully quit Splitter and reopen it for this setting to take effect.

Note that using the function key in a hotkey is not supported due to macOS limitations.

How do I set hotkeys?

In the menubar, click Splitter -> Preferences (or press ⌘->comma). In the Preferences window that opens, click "Hotkeys". You'll see a list of the hotkeys you can set, so just click "record hotkey" next to the one you want to set, and press whatever hotkey/key-combonation you like to set it.

If that doesn't solve the issue, you may have to make a short trip to System Preferences. See this page for more details

How can I show Splitter while playing a full screen game?

Check out Splitter's Overlay Mode - it's designed just for this purpose!

How can I use Splitter with OBS?

To use Splitter with OBS, it's recommended to use it as a Window Capture source. Add a new Window Capture, and set the window to that of the Splitter window that you'd like to capture.

If you don't want the buttons or title bar to appear when you're streaming, open the Layout Editor, click "Window", and turn "Hide Title Bar" on. If you save your run as a .split file after doing this, the settings will be kept whenever you open the run.

How accurate is Splitter's timer?

Splitter uses LiveSplitCore to handle the mechanics of keeping track of time. As a result, Splitter is as accurate as LiveSplit when it comes to timing your run.

I got an idea for a feature. How do I suggest it?

Bring it up in the #feature-requests channel in the Discord Server

There's a bug in Splitter. How do I report it?

Bring it up in the #issues channel in the Discord Server, or file an issue on GitHub

Does Splitter automatically split a run?

Splitter does not include auto-splitting functionality at this time. If you want to, you can use Splitter's Shortcuts actions, together with the Shortcuts CLI to automate opening and splitting a run. Additional ideas for automation support is actively being considered - if you've got a use case, please let me know!

Why doesn't Splitter feature an Autosplitter?

There's a few reasons for this:

  • Due to MacOS' security limitations, Autosplitters would have to work by reading the raw video data output by the game, rather than hooking into the game itself - think VideoAutoSplit
  • As a sandboxed app, it require Splitter to jump through some hoops to do such a thing, (even if Splitter wasn't sandboxed, many games are sandbox anyway).
  • This would require porting VideoAutoSplit to macOS. Given that it relies heavily on certain Windows APIs (namely DirectShow), it's much easier said than done.
    • The alternative would be to build a VAS parser from scratch, which again, is easier said than done.
  • Ultimately, there are other things that I've deemed more important for Splitter to have (like increased layout customization, subsplit support, among other things) before adding Autosplitter support is at the top of my priorities. Though by all means, if you've put the time and effort into implementing it, open a PR and we'll talk.


Why is Splitter in the Mac App Store? Why not just release it on your website or GitHub?

When I first started working on Splitter, I considered distributing it myself so I could have some extra freedom. However, as I continued working on it, I realized that Splitter doesn't really do anything that isn't allowed in the Mac App Store anyway, and have no plans to make money directly from it, so there really wasn't a reason not to use the App Store. It makes it easier for people to find, and gets updated alongside other App Store apps you have installed, and generally makes life easier for me (as a developer) and you (as a user).