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We appreciate contributions of any kind and acknowledge them on our README. By participating in this project, you agree to abide by our code of conduct.

Any enhancements/bugs/etc you see?

Add an issue. We'll review it, add labels and reply within a few days.

See an issue you'd like to work on?

Comment on the issue that you'd like to work on it and we'll add the claimed label. If you see the claimed label already on the issue you might want to ask the contributor if they'd like some help.

Documentation/etc need updating?

Go right ahead! Just submit a pull request when you're done.

Pull Requests

We love pull requests from everyone.

Fork, then clone the repo:

git clone

All changes should be based from the vNext branch.

Push to your fork and submit a pull request against the vNext branch.

At this point you're waiting on us. We like to at least comment on pull requests within three days (and, typically, one day). We may suggest some changes or improvements or alternatives.

Normally reviews & merging occur live on stream at

Some things that will increase the chance that your pull request is accepted:

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