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A PowerShell module that enables software developers to speed up their CLI workflow.
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For more information as to how this repo came about, check out this blog post


All aliases accept parameters of the commands they call.

For example, the below are identical:

g cl

git clone



All aliases for Docker begin with d.

Command Executes
d b docker build
d c docker container ps
d cr docker container rm
d cs docker container start
d cx docker container stop
d i docker image ls
d ir docker image rm
d k docker kill
d l docker logs
d li docker login
d lo docker logout
d r docker run
d t docker image tag
d p docker push
d ... docker ...(any parameters)


All aliases for Docker Compose begin with dc.

Command Executes
dc b docker-compose build
dc bu docker-compose build (params); docker-compose up
dc d docker-compose down
dc i docker-compose images
dc u docker-compose up
dc ... docker-compose ... (any parameters)


All aliases for Git begin with g.

Command Executes
g a git add
g b git branch
g c git checkout
g cl git clone
g co git commit
g f git fetch
g i git init
g l git log
g ll git log --graph (pretty)
g m git merge
g pl git pull
g ps git push
g r git rebase
g rs git reset
g s git status
g t git tag
g ... git ... (any parameters)


Command Executes
gh Launches browser to GitHub repo if the directory is tracked by Git and its origin url is at GitHub
hosts If in Windows, opens the hosts file in an elevated editor. Choosing, in order, between VS Code, VS Code (insiders), Notepad.
reload Restarts PowerShell in-place. Useful in the event you have added something to the path or user profile script and need a powershell restart in order for it to be recognized.
Restore-WorkspacePackages (rwp) Restores NPM, Nuget, and Libman packages starting at the root folder of a workspace.
Syntax Prints PowerShell Command Syntax vertically, replicating layout
Sort-Reverse Reverses the order of an array. Accepts pipeline support e.g. `1,2,3,4,5
p <dirname> Changes your current directory to the directory of the project you provide. It will search the root directory (or the current directory if no root directory is set in the environment variables) recursively for the project directory you provided.


Want to contribute? Check out our Code of Conduct and Contributing docs. This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

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