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🏃 The plugin is designed to display a world record on a local server or global
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📢 Issue tracker for WRBot

You have noticed a bug in the plugin, please create an issue and describe as detailed as possible what the bug is.


The plugin is designed to display a world record on a local server or global. It has many settings, easy installation and two ways to get the data, depending on your preference.

nVault method of retrieve data from a demo file from servers XJ / CC directly.

MySQL method of of receiving data base Kreedz Database

Supported Build

  • ReHLDS 3.4.0.X
  • Linux 5787 and higher
  • Windows 5758 and higher


  • 1.8.1+

Required modules

  • amxmodx
  • amxmisc
  • cstrike
  • engine
  • fakemeta
  • hamsandwich
  • sockets
  • mysql

if the nVault method is used

  • curl
  • amxxarch

Old changelog

v1.14 = Small optimization + new type update timer.
v1.13 = Fixed server crash when changing maps.
v1.12 = Function obtaining external IP to verify the license.
v1.11 = Bhop blocks do not respond to bot.
v1.10 = Version control.
v1.09 = License check and gaining access.
v1.08 = Remade function of getting the flag from bot for a convenient and fast.
v1.07 = Fix inaudible steps, when the bot movement.
v1.06 = Fix time in the nick bot.
v1.05 = Removed flags because of the demo will not accept and uploading models are at all settings. (Lan version only)
v1.04 = Added commands to play, then the player goes into the observers and back.
v1.03 = Added configs. All settings can be done in wrbot.cfg
v1.02 = From the beginning of the demo, cut off part of the frame to the bot model started playing not of textures.
v1.01 = Complete a separate timer with the ability to pause menu.
v1.00 = Start plugin
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